What are your weddings like ?

I was a the wedding of a very good friend this wkend down in Tralee , County Kerry , Ireland .

While we have registry offices and very small cheap weddings , the wedding I was at was a pretty good example of a typical Irish wedding .

We were booked into a Hotel where the reception was to be held after the wedding ( I’d say about half of the guests stayed in the Hotel ) .

The wedding cerimony was on in the afternoon , about 2pm and held in the brides local church . After the mass there are group photo’s taken and then it’s back to the hotel ( in our case we stopped of in the brides families pub for a couple of free drinks :slight_smile: ) .

A few more drinks in the hotel and them it’s in for dinner . This is a 3-course affair and to a very good standard .

Then it’s to the speeches . We had 5 , Parish Priest , Grooms Father , Brides Father , Groom and finally the Best Man . All the guests bet on how long all the speeches are going to be . This 5 lasted 32.25min .

Then after dinner the band kicks in and the partying starts . The band plays for about 2-3 hours and then is replaced by a Disco . This goes on till about 1/2am . The group that’s still standing after that (about 20/30this wkend ) go to the residents bar and stay up drinking , singing and having the craic till about 6-7am .

Of the 8 weddings I have attended this description would closely match about 5 of them . A Irish wedding is great fun and a test of stamina and you would be wise to try and have a few days hols. booked for after them .

What are your country/areas weddings like ?

That sounds pretty similar to most big weddings I’ve been to. However, the only one I’ve attended that had decent food was an upscale Jewish affair, so of course there were differences in the ceremony.

Depends on what you can afford, really.

My first wedding was a medium-sized affair, about 150 guests. Food, a band, dancing. It was fun.

My second wedding was smaller. Much, much smaller. A judge performed the ceremony, and the only guests were my father & mother-in-law, and my brother-in-law (we got married in Arkansas, where my husband’s family lives. If we’d gotten married here, it would have been a bit bigger). That one was nice, too, though. No party afterwards, but a nice evening in Little Rock. We’ll be taking a honeymoon someday…

Most of the weddings I have attended around here (and in NC where some of my extended family lives) consist of a 10-15 minute ceremony and a receiving line of family and wedding party in the church.

Then the guests go to the fellowship hall at the church and wait for the wedding party to be done with pictures. After pictures, the bride and groom cut the cake and everyone goes up to the food tables to get wedding cake, pastel-colored mints, peanuts, and sometimes little ham and swiss sandwich things on rolls.

Then the bride throws the bouquet and the groom tosses the garter. Sometimes they open presents there, sometimes not.

That’s pretty much it.

We’re into cheap, quick weddings around here. You can get in and out of the whole thing in a little over an hour.
P.S. Mine was not like the one above and everyone was a little weirded out because it was “strange”. :confused:

My first wedding consisted of a 15 minute ceremony and then a receiving line. The guests went to the reception hall and started eating and we finished with our wedding pictures and joined them. We ate cake, opened presents, cleaned up and went home. I didn’t want a big wedding, I didn’t really want a wedding at all but our families did so we had one. I think the whole thing cost about $500… dress, food, minister’s fee, marriage license fee, groom’s wedding ring, cake, and decorations. Very cheap affair.

Most weddings in this area are pretty much the same except the receptions are a lot better than mine was. I was pregnant when I got married the first time so I didn’t allow any booze. I figured if I can’t drink, no one can!!

I’m getting married next April in Las Vegas! It’s gonna be a blast. It’s just going to be the two of us there but I’ve already found the chapel I want and picked out which wedding package I want. The wedding will cost about $500, that includes pictures, video, bouquets, boutonnieres, candles, marriage certificate holder, church/minister’s fee, 2 t-shirts (yipee!!) and a limo for the night. There’s a couple other things included but I can’t remember what they are. We’re going to have our reception shortly after we get back from Vegas in a really nice dance hall. Now this reception will be filled with music, booze, food, and lots of friends and family. It’s gonna be a lot of fun and I can’t wait!! Oh, and everyone at the SDMB is invited!

First wedding–had it in my (now ex-)mother-in-law’s house. It was a civil service, so it was the bride, me, the judge (friend of the family), my parents, her mother, and some aunt that wandered in uninvited. Afterwards we retired to the back yard for snacks, drinks, and a couple of rounds of bocce.

Second wedding–Catholic ceremony, around 1 p.m. We had about 100 people at the church. It was a full blown Catholic ceremony, with groomsmen and bridesmaids, communion, etc. After Mass, the bridal party went out to a near-by park for photos, while everyone else killed time in their own way. The reception was at a local restaurant with banquet facilities. It started around 6. The bridal party was introduced a couple at a time, ending with the introduction of Mr&Mrs. Yourstruly. This was followed by drinks, then a sit-down dinner. The best man offered a toast at dinner, then we ate. After eating, we did the obligatory first dances, then opened up the floor to all guests (we had a DJ). Later we cut the cut, then returned to drinking and dancing. Whole thing finished up at 11 p.m. I wish it had gone on all night, but then I did have something better to do back at the hotel…:wink: