What Armstrong REALLY Said on the Moon!!!

Given that it’s the 35th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, NASA has decided to release the unedited comments of Neil Armstrong as he set foot on the Moon. (Please note that this is definately not work safe and does contain sound.)

That was fucking hilarious! :smiley:

Oh dear.

But really…I can’t help but laugh!

I thought it was fucking moronic.

What passes for humor these days escapes me.

It was funnier in print.

Yawn. I like this outtake better.

There are some funny posts in the “comments” section of that site. There are also some assholey ones, just like in this thread. :dubious:

Man, that’s gotta be some big stick. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t we have better things to do than this?

That’s a silly question to ask on a message board.

Anyway, Johnny Bravo is right. The Onion did it first in Our Dumb Century about five years ago (maybe more), and it’s a funnier joke in print.

The Onion article

See, I always figured his first words would be “I can see my house”

“Ullrich will be along any minute now.”