What bad things might happen if same-sex couples get married?

With the increase in total weddings taking place overall, there will probably be a slight rise in the number of awful wedding bands/DJs.

“Its raining Men”, and “Constant Craving” will probably become legitimate wedding dance tunes.

Just wanted to congratulate the OP of this thread on his noteworthy GD thread. It may be the only time in history that an OP made assertions in his OP and staunchly refused to offer support for those assertions for almost three pages, when the thread was ultimately closed by a mod.

Astounding, but true. And very, very funny.

And that note, I enter the evening with a smile and a laugh that will no doubt bubble up from time to time throughout the evening.



And I will continue to smile and laugh that you think you’ve actually made a point in either of these threads.

If you were a smart person you might note that there is no way you can provide evidence that there are no negative effects. One would do that by noting that there is no evidence *for *negative effects.

As it happens, there is no evidence for negative effects. So the OP’s burden is met by your utter failure to come up with anything. You make his argument for him by your cowardly deflection.

You’re posturing because your argument is a pathetic failure. Grow the fuck up and admit your mistake.

We’re waiting for you to post a single negative societal effect for SSM.

That’s great, but when you come back, could you bring an answer to the question?

Hey magellan01, there’s a whole new thread on this topic over in GD. Maybe you can see your way to answering the question this time? Here’s the OP in its entirety:

No distractions, just that question.

Not finding discrimination very funny, I was wondering if you could answer the question asked in the title of this thread: What bad things might happen if same-sex couples get married?
I’m not concerned about the previous word plays or interpretations of meanings prior to my post, and I’m not interested in “gotcha” games, so(without sidetracking to definitions of “gotcha”, “sidetrack” or interpretation please) would you mind giving an answer to the question posed in the title of this thread.
Thank you.

Preface: I don’t give a flying fuck what people do in their relationships or their bedrooms, regardless of gender and or prediliction.

In Australia now, the gummint is asking SScouples to 'fess up to living as married partners so that their eligibility for government payments (like pensions etc) can be ascertained. IOW, up until recently, a lesbian or gay couple with children could have one partner claiming a Sole Parent Pension, while the other could be earning a shitload of money and able to support the family…but because the PTB were loathe to recognise SSRelationships in principal, they couldn’t exactly recognise them for allowance purposes.

This has now changed, and I suspect that full legal recognition of SSM’s will probably follow sooner rather than later.

And as to what sort of bad effect that will have on society…meh, can’t think of anything much really.


Anyone who can read can see this is a complete falsehood. The evidence was mentioned in the very first post as well as a simple question which was actually then point of the thread.

You came along and made an assertion of your own in your first post in the thread and than refused to defend or explain it. Instead you demanded the OP provide more evidence to support his assertions.

Spin it all you like but what stands out is that available evidence supports SSM while it’s opponents {in this case, you} have none.

There’s a guy in the park who nods and mumbles a lot that does the same thing.

If they get married only to obtain marriage benefits how is that fraudulent?

Wouldn’t that be

Grey Poop on it?

Because everyone knows marriage is about True Love and Making Babies for Jesus.

OKay now we’re getting somewhere. Wedding bands will have to learn more Queen, Melissa Etheridge, Elton John, and Indigo Girls.

Wait. I like all of them Dam IT!

Wuv. Twue wuv. And bweeding fow Chwist.

I don’t think gay people are particularly into Queen.

I don’t know. I am. I’ll stop everything and turn up the radio if “Killer Queen” or “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” or “Somebody To Love” come on. Or Bicycle…I was in a sandwich shop this weekend when “Bicycle” came on and I was drawing strange looks as I grooved out to it. I love earlier Queen (before “We Are The Champions” or “Another One Bites The Dust”).

Well, yeah, but that’s not because you’re gay. It’s because they’re good songs.

On the other hand, you must* be a lesbian to enjoy Ani DiFranco.

*it says so on the album sleeves, I swear

We can’t have gay marriage because of unspecified dangers that may happen at some time in the future, up to 40 years from now. These dangers may be very bad, so we should not take the risk, and keep our comfortable world exactly the same as it is now.

Plus, I would not be able to openly tell my church buddies that gays are evil scum and should be excluded from good and nice society.

<remove tongue from cheek>

For some reason, this reminds me of one of the more entertaining SDMB meltdowns about a “fake” divorce.

Well, if it’s anything like the bad things that happen when hetero couples get married, it will be that there will be a lot less same sex sex.