What Bands or Artist Are Real Devil Worshipers?

Merciful Fate I heard was.

Marlyn Manson has got to a devil worshiper and if he is not he should be locked up. HE SUX!

Sometimes I wonder about Pantera.

Ozzy said he wasn’t but don’t know for sure.

Well do you know of any band that are or any band that are suspected of being(satan worshipers) but or not?

Barry Manilow.

I figured that anybody with music like that has to be from Hell. :smiley:

Michael W. Smith. It’s all just a very elaborate act. Trust me.

Type O Negative - I love their music.

Backstreet Boys - Only The Dark Lord would torture humanity as such.

There have always been bands that some accuse of being “Satanic.” There always will be. But, I think that any true devil worshipping bands are few and far between. Of course I can’t prove any of this, but I suspect that any band that professes to be Satanists or devil worshipers is doing it just to attract more outcast, misunderstood, rebellious teenaged boys (and their money).


The correct answer is of course, none of the above.
See, smart marketing types realize that by creating an aura of ‘evil’ around an artist amounts to free advertising. The ‘moral majority’ is going to protest, and there is no such thing as bad publicity, right? Marilyn Manson is a good example. A below average musical talent (on his best day), he should have disappeared without so much as a whimper, but all the negative attention has got him several hours past his 15 minutes.

On a related note…

Reminds me of one of the Douglas Adams ‘Dirk Gently’ novels, in which a mysterious novelist named Howard Bell would order live chickens delivered to his hotel room. The chickens were never seen again…

In actuality, he was just paying somebody to smuggle the chickens back out again and keep it hush-hush, so he could add to his mysterious aura.

And, keep in mind, that Satanists, or, to be specific, members of the Church of Satan, do not worship Satan. They do not even believe in Satan as a real being. Satan, to them, is an archetype that represents certain personality traits and beliefs. Satanists are basically hedonists who like to wear black.

I bet you’d be hard-pressed to find very many genuine “Satan worshippers” in the world.

Well…there is at least one “band” that is a bonefied follower of the Church of Satan. NON, also known as Boyd Rice, is a registered member of the Church of Satan and a member of a Neo-nazi movement. Sure he may seem like a total satan woeshiping nazi jerk, but he really is an ok guy and makes some excelent “music”. Oh…and get this the radio evangelist Bob Larson, actually called Boyd Rice “Satan”, during an on-air interview.

First of all, the whole “Satan” deal in rock is awfully dated. Back in the 70s, a lot of heavy metal bands used a lot of haunted-house props, and sang about the occult, but almost none of them took the occult seriously. People who thought Ozzy Osbourne was a Satanist were taking the guy way too seriously. MOST of the musicians who played up the occult angle would freely admit that it was all an act.

Though he wasn’t a genuine “Satanist,” Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is probably the only major rock musician I can think of who took the occult seriously (you may recall, he lived in the house once owned by ENglish necromancer Aleister Crowley).

I can’t believe this thread has gotten this far without mentioning DEICIDE and lead singer Glen Benton, a true blue Satan worshiper. From his interview in The Onion

O: So what does the devil have to offer?

GB: Well, he’s offered me and given me quite a bit. I’ve gotten more out of Satanism than I’ve gotten out of anything my whole life. By acknowledging the fact that every dollar that I make is Satan’s blood money [pause], I have no problem with it.

O: Okay. Well, I guess it’s all sort of intangible, but–

GB: I hate Christians, and I’ll put it to you this way: If you fuckin’ step on my toes, I’ll smash you in the face. …

I also know a few Satanists in bands here in SF, some of them are friends of mine.

Wildest Bill Merciful Fate I heard was.

Actually, only their lead singer, known as King Diamond (if memory serves), was an actual Satanist.

Another couple I can think of from the eighties were Venom and Slayer. I used to be big into all these bands, and if lyric content and liner notes are anything to go by, they’re bonafide.

Sorry, Wildest Bill, I’m still getting the hang of this quote business. No disrespect intended.

I have long maintained that Phil Collins was in league with the Devil.

Ah! Satan won’t get us through the “evil” of Marilyn Mason, et al. He will lure us to are damnnation with mediocracy!

I’m a Satanist???


Its Mercyful Fate not Merciful

Nothing to add, I just wanted to say that if you haven’t clicked on DaveX’s onion link do so immediately, it’s the best I’ve ever seen!!

Hmmm Bill, I dunno.
I don’t Think I’ve ever heard Marilyn sing.
Unless that was his song they played at the end of a funyn SNL skit with Drew Barrymore, the lyric was I am antichrist.
If that was MArilyn, he does Not suck!


Amy Grant.

Well, of course she’s queen of the Christian Contemporary musical genre. Satan’s the Great Deceiver, right?