What bank should I use in Davis?

So I’m moving out to Davis in a month and I need to get a new bank, as I think the nearest ATM of my current bank will be 2500 miles away. Which bank should I use out there. I saw a lot of Bank of America locations when I was out there before, but I know several people here in MA that have had horrible problems with them. Are there any good local banks? Any banks I should avoid? What’s the general buzz?

Have you considered joining the golden1 credit union? they’ve got a few atms on campus and downtown, along with the other benefits of joining the credit union.

I don’t suppose you’d like to sublet my room for the summer, would you? :slight_smile:

I like Wells fargo. Haven’t had any problems with them and ATM’s are plenty in california.

CGabe you’re a grad student here right?

I wouldn’t use a credit union(unless it was a secondary account) just because of the damn ATM fees.

but I suppose you could always just get cash back when you buy something somewhere.

Nope. Super-super-super Senior. I’m going to grad school at MIIS, starting Fall.

Sorry, I have a place to live on F street.

I take a look at the credit union and Wells Fargo, thanks.