What beers are popular world wide and in their "home" countries?

There are many beers around the world that are advertised as linked somehow to popularity/favour in their supposed home countries but seeing the “Brewed in the EU” message on the bottom of ads for beer makes me question whether other beers really are as popular in their home countries as they imply. Are there many beers that share worldwide/home appeal? Are Miller and Bud’ popular in the US and worldwide? Are Carlsberg and Heinekein popular in same way. I know Guiness certainly is popular in Ireland as well as abroad (at least in the US and UK.)

Most popular in Japan is Asahi Super-Dry.

If the marketing people are to be believed, Singapore’s Tiger beer has a few fans around the world.

Personally, I prefer Kilkenny.


My bartender friend who was hosting a Guinness-only night at the local Irish pub had this to say to me when I brought my own: “Oh my God, is that a Kilkenny? You BASTARD!”

i haven’t had it myself, but i’ve never met an australian who likes bud. i think it’s pretty much a novelty here - ‘look at the beer americans drink! oh shit! it taste like piss!’

big beers here are vb and tooheys. tooheys is better than vb, but many would disagree. for australian premium we have crown and cascade.

i’ve left out a lot though.

non-one drinks fosters.

international beers big here include stella artois, heinekein, guiness