What beers should I drink this summer?

I usually prefer lighter beers in the summer. What are some good ones that I should try?

I’ve been drinking Mexican beer the past few summers and enjoying it.

Hoegaarden. The original white ale. Lovely beverage.

With the caveat that I’m a dark beer man…

Sam Adams White Ale has been lovely lately. It has a nice, somewhat spicy flavor to it and a smooth, somewhat… hoppy, I think, is the word, finish.

Blue Moon with an orange slice, unless you have issues with cilantro.

Magic Hat No. 9 is an apricot ale, so it’s a little sweeter and has a very interesting flavor. I like it a whole lot.

There’s always Harp Lager, I suppose, but I’m not a fan.

Hoegaarden hasn’t been good to me, unfortunately - it always seems a little bland to me.

If you’re truly in Texas, drink every version of Shiner that comes out. Where I am, I’m lucky just to get Shiner at all, but when I’ve gone back to visit, there have been so many different kinds of Shiner to try, I’ve had to spend the whole trip drunk. :slight_smile:

John Sleeman special edition porter; alexander keiths; and, of course, Guinness

Ahh, Keith’s IPA. How I miss it… I grew up in Buffalo and spent many night over my 19- and 20-year-old summers drinking it in Canada. I’d order the big draft and just sip while my friends danced. It’s not as bitter as IPAs tend to be, and I remember it being a little fruity as well.

I love porters… have you had something comparable to Sleeman? I’ve never had it.

I’ve always enjoyed Sam Adams season brews and their summer brew is not exception.

A good Trappist Monk beer is done Chimey, but I’d hardly consider it light. It also comes in a 750ml bottle with a champagne style cork so be prepared to enjoy it with a friend. :slight_smile:

Tequiza, though a very doctored beer… like a mexican shandy… is delicious on a hot summer day. Light, lemoney and just unique. (read: guilty pleasure)

Big Rock has a lovely pale ale called Grasshopper.

Hoegaarden is very nice, I’ll grant you. But it’s just a wheat beer; hardly “original”, having been brewed since as long ago as 1971. There are plenty of other wheat beers which are just as nice but haven’t had as much money spent on fancy advertising.

There are so many different Belgian beers that you are bound to find one which suits your palate. Since the OP mentioned “summer”, you might not be interested in the darker beers and would probably be better off with a Trappist job, like Orval (nice bottle) or Chimay (as mentioned earlier). Or you could be daring enough to try a lembic or a gueuze.

Take a gander here (see Classic Examples).