What bizarre things do you have?

In the IMDb ‘goofs’ thread in Cafe Society I was reminded of the kitchen burner Nelix had on Star Trek: Voyager. It’s part of a GE-J-85 turbojet engine. Oddly, I happen to have one. In the ‘best airline seat’ thread, someone mentioned an ejection seat. Got one of those, too. If I thought about it, I probably have a few other things that are just ‘random’.

So what weird things do you have lying about?

A goat skull
A sperm whale tooth (inherited from long ago, so it is legal)
An Exa camera…the first single lens reflex camera

A ronco egg cuber.

Real voodoo dolls bought from a market in Cap-Haïtien.
I don’t own a gun, but I have a .50 caliber live round.

Is that weird? I have one, too. It’s keeping my gryphon puppet company on the mantel behind me at the moment.

I’m not sure what counts as bizarre, really. Some possibilities:

full-size fake mummy (with fake mummified cat)
a couple of large (~3 feet tall) golden foam-rubber ankhs
a crate of plaques with arcane symbols on them
a book entitled How to Build a Corpse
several large dragon masks (each about 3 feet long)
a webshooter (two, actually, but one needs repair)

Those honestly don’t seem all that odd to me, but other people sometimes find them peculiar. Is my baseline just off?

I have crossed nerves in my feet. My second toes feel like my middle toes and vice versa- nobody ever believes me. I also frequently dislocate my middle toes so I think that they are just generally messed up. They look totally normal though- even a bit cute.

I have a true Bourbon Street sign. My dad jacked it in the 60s. Along with no parking signs for Nixon’s inauguration.

A mummified salamander.
Almost certainly the only solid body electric baritone ukulele in Oregon.

Not one but two dried and varnished alligator heads. My three year old daughter claims the big one is mine and the little one is hers. I also have a five foot tall wooden airplane propeller propped in the corner. I have bunches of counterculture books and how-to manuals for various crime techniques. Oddly enough, I didn’t buy any of them myself. My mother gave them to me as presents over the years.

A couple of WWI brass shells from a field artillery piece. Not sure of the caliber, but they’re about two feet long and maybe three inches across. A great-uncle picked them up on the battlefield and brought them home.

I also have a female mannequin that started its life in a department store. It’s been rigged with a sound level meter in its ear. My wife (an audiologist) used it in demonstrations of the levels I-Pods could put out, when she presented hearing health safety talks to high school kids.

Apparently, owning a goat skull isn’t as odd as I thought. Do I get extra credit by revealing that it was a wedding gift?

I also have a fossilized beaver tooth and my late grandfather’s glass eye.

I have a fake rotting corpse.

I have a couple glass insulators from electric poles. One is this gorgeous greeny blue, the other is a sort of cloudy-clear color.

I have a pre-WWII Japanese baseball and a tin of D-Day beach sand.

WWII Japanese cigarettes.

I used to have a REAL ro . . . oh, right, my attorney told me to stop telling people about it until after the trial. :smack:

I don’t have much in the way of truly weird/unusual stuff, but I have clean needles and syringes everywhere - desk, car, dresser. :dubious: It’s partly from stuffing them in my pockets at work and forgetting about them until I get in the car/get home. I also purposely have a collection with my cats’ meds (SQ fluids and Adequan) and my horse first aid drugs. Besides the Adequan and vaccines they get regularly, I carry a couple doses of injectable NSAID’s and sedation so that I can keep them on their feet until the vet gets there if one of the horses colics or hurts themselves badly. The drugs, which are not controlled substances, were legally prescribed and dispensed under a valid vet-client-patient relationship for as-needed use, and it’s legal to have syringes and needles without a prescription in my state, but it still looks a little hinky because I never know exactly where a syringe might pop up, and I hope I never get pulled over on a day when I’ve tossed my wallet in my bag with the random medical supplies. I used to have Vetrap everywhere when I was recovering from an ankle sprain and used it every day, but I’ve managed to reduce some of my bandage material load.

Oh, yeah, forgot a recent find: I’m now the proud owner of a six-pack of beer packaged in 1983, with graphics (including a picture of James Oglethorpe) commemorating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Georgia colony.

A brief note written to me from Katharine Hepburn

A letter written by Colette. (French writer)

The script to the last scene of the last episode of MAS*H autographed by Alan Alda

Two or three scripts from 24 autographed by Cherry Jones (plays the President)

An 8x10 photo of Cherry Jones inscribed to me (Her sister gave it to my sister to give to me.)

A full-length heavy tweed Inverness cape (think Sherlock Holmes)

A Baby Ruth candy bar wrapper from the 1920s (I think).

An ocarina
A raccoon skull
An optimistic take on life

Bah, I fail.

The usual stuff.

  • A sump pump from a 19th century canal boat.
  • A piece of a P-38 radiator from “Glacier Girl”
  • An antique doctor’s examination table that I got free (complete with stirrups)
  • A ram air shaker hood scoop from a 351 equipped mustang.
  • A center console vacuum gauge for a 65 Grand Prix.
  • Unused German stamps with Hitler on them that my dad picked up in WWII.
  • Stereoviews of the World Trade center taken during the 9/11 attack.

An empty can of rubber cement from the 20’s. Yea that’s pretty much it for bizarre.