What Bizzaro World Does Joe Biden Inhabit?

Read about it here:http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080923/ap_on_el_pr/biden_mistaken_history_1
So, FDR was president in 1929? And we had national TV in 1929?
Seems like old Joe is getting hazy with the facts-i’ll have to call up my grandfather, and find out who won the Superbowl in '29!
By the way-wasn’t lincoln president when WWII broke out?

Joe Biden makes gaffe. In other news, sky still blue.

Watch this thread drop like a stone. Had McCain said those things, we’d have a three-page rager.

It’s just less interesting. Biden is famous for being a gaffe machine. McCain less so, at least until recently.

The part of the comment that strikes me as being bizarre isn’t the juxtaposition of FDR and the Depression. In fairness, you could argue that Biden was referring to FDR’s reaction to the condition when he became president.

What’s bizarre to me is his claim that FDR went on TV to talk about it. There wasn’t really any TV to speak of in 1929 (or 1933); it had been invented, but nobody had one. It’s not quite as stupid as saying Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on the radio, but it’s not too far off.

And the article didn’t even comment further on that.

Yeah, I mentioned that (and other gaffes of his this week) in the other Biden thread, and the majority of the responses from the Usual Suspects was a shrug and a chuckle. “That silly Joe!”

Oh well, if my integrity is in question or something…

I agree with RickJay. The TV thing is strange. Could he have been thinking of radio? Did many US households even have a radio in 1929?

Adoption of radio was pretty quick - commercial stations went on the air in late 1920. By 1930 about 40% of Americans had a set.

One thing holding that back was rural electrification - in vast parts of the Midwest and the South there wasn’t power to run the thing. When the wires came through most families promptly bought light bulbs, a refrigerator, and a radio.

Not only that, but and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. A wise man with a fake mustache said that once.

Feel free to research my past posts to see I, for one at least, do not jump all over McCain for any old gaffe. Happens to everyone and when your every word is recorded and scrutinized sooner or later it is going to happen.

The difference in some cases with McCain is when the gaffes becomes frequent and/or on things he is supposedly an expert and is supposed to know. So when he flubs on things like foreign policy and military matters, and does so more than once, then I think it becomes relevant to question his expertise or wonder if he is having a senior moment. If he flubs on who the pitching lineup for the Chicago Cubs is I don’t care at all…not relevant to the job he is seeking.

I hold the same opinion for any candidate…not just the ones I dislike.

ETA: Go Cubbies! :smiley:

Never been to Delaware, huh?

Biden is clearly thinking of FDR’s famous “fireside chats” and how FDR used his radio addresses to get support for the New Deal and explain what was going on in the economy after the Hoover years.

Biden obviously needs a prompter (you know, the way McCain has Lieberman), but it’s hardly the worst gaffe of the election season, not even Biden’s worst one.

Quite obviously, Biden was making reference to the Fireside Chats on the radio which were very well received during the Depression. The fact that Biden accdentally said “television” rather than “radio” was a trivial verbal mistake which no intelligent person could possibly think is important.

Google “Fireside Chats.” That’s what Biden was talking about. Radio during the Depression served essentially the same purpose as television and FDR made good use of it.

I’d view Biden’s gaffe about on the same scale as Palin’s “The founding fathers wrote the Pledge of Allegiance” one. However, Biden was only off by a decade at most, whereas Palin was off by 150 years or so.

I never thought I would type these words: I agree with Dio.

Seriously, though, I know what he meant. He meant that FDR spoke to the national about what to do to recover from the depression. So, he said stock market crash and television.

Though I do think it would get more play if McCain had said it…

And the stock market crash continued through many years. It started in 1929, but it continued it’s precipitous slide for 3-4 years after that.

He did start giving them in 1929, as the newly elected Governor of NY. Not so much on TV though.

Feel free to make the case that this is important or indicative of some quality that makes Biden less able to be VP. If you are unwilling or unable to do so, why would you expect us to?

Not the same thing. Many people think that McCain’s mental functioning is in jeopardy, possibly even early stages of dementia . . . or at least an inability to keep up with the stress of a presidential campaign. Biden, on the other hand, is known for his gaffs and putting his foot in his mouth . . . not a reflection on his ability to think clearly or lead the country.