What brands are you loyal to from your parents?

What product brands did your parents use that you picked up and have not abandoned?

Three of them for me: Crest, Premium Saltines, and V-8.

Well not loyal exactly, but certainly well liked.

When I was a kid in the 60’s my folks didn’t keep much pop around the house. But my grandfather loved Dr. Pepper. When we kids visited we’d each be given a whole glass bottle to ourselves!! I didn’t have to share with my sister.

To this day I love Dr. Pepper. Good memories there.

Crazy, the first thing I thought after reading the OP was that I wasn’t really loyal to any brands because of my parents, but I’m pretty sure I can trace my Pepsi preference to getting a tall returnable bottle of Pepsi when we’d visit Grammy a few times a year. :slight_smile:

Snap-On Tools (Pops started as a tool dealer with them, retired as VP). Of course it helped to inherit all his tools.

Stark Strike Candy Cigarettes (Pops smoked Luckies . . .)

That’s really about it, though.

My dad worked at Ford for 38 years so I always have and always will buy Fords.

Hmmm…I actually can’t think of anything else!

Closest I can think of is my parents used to drive a Toyota Rav4. I had driven a few times and I liked it. So when I was buying a car last year, I bought a Rav4.

Crest, Crisco, Best Foods mayo.

Old Spice men’s cologne, Hebrew National kosher hot dogs, Coryban-D cough syrup.

Wow, good question. I’m having a hard time to think of any brands that my parents liked that are even around anymore.

Are Best Western Hotels still around? They liked that chain, and we used to stay there often, but not much lately.

They always used Miracle Whip, and we still buy it too. Not too many other foods come to mind. Post cereal (Raisin Bran specifically). Quaker Oats. Betty Crocker cake mixes (but not brownie mix: they always made brownies from scratch). I’m mentally going up and down the aisles in the grocery store thinking of items, but there aren’t that many!

My Dad was furious with Henry Ford, called him an anti-Semite and worse. No Fords in my family!

The only one I can name off the top of my head is Colgate toothpaste – and my parents weren’t even exclusively loyal to that.

My parents weren’t much for brand loyalty. When I moved out, I kept my car insurance with Allstate because they had it. A few years later I was complaining about how expensive it had gotten and my mother said, “Oh honey, we got rid of them as soon as you moved out.”

Vademecum toothpaste.

I’ve had a lot of GE appliances over the years. My father sold them; my wife’s father worked for GE. And they were a big brand around here until GE sold the brand name.

I still use Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Gulden’s mustard, and Heinz Ketchup. I’d say Nabisco cookies, but they keep cutting back varieties I like to come out with a new wasabi mayo Oreos or the like.

I’m currently using Crest toothpaste, which I liked as a kid, but my parents usually bought Colgate. Nowadays, I’ll get whatever’s the best deal.

Marlboros. Dad was smoking Merits when I was really young, but had switched to Marlboros by the time I was old enough to steal them.

Jumping on the mayonnaise bandwagon, I too still buy only Hellmann’s. But then everyone knows Hellmann’s is the best.

I like Coca-Cola classic over all the other colas and will not buy any of the others. However, it has been so long since I had a Coke, I can’t remember when it was. Oh, wait- I always sip a bit of the “free” soda fountain Coke at the casino, so I guess it was a couple weeks ago, probably eight ounces total.

Other than that, I have exactly zero brand loyalties, but I try to avoid Koch brothers stuff when I can.

Ford also. Both sides of the family. Craftsman tools, Kenmore appliances til the last 6 years. Dial soap. LeSuer English peas(ms) MiniWheats cereal. Pioneer Biscuit mix. Lysol cleaner and spray.

Colgate is like the “other tribe” to me. You guys are like the enemy. The tube is weird. And I let myself think this way becuase it makes things simpler when I look for toothpaste I suppose.

When I was a kid, Crest ruled the land. But since becoming an adult, it’s always Colgate. It’s like switching from Democrat to Republican I suppose.

Morgan’s salt. I’d never accept any substitute. And I’m trying to remember what brand of toothpaste I use . . . because I don’t care enough to go to the bathroom to find out.

Seriously, I don’t think I even consume the same foods, let alone the same brands, as my parents–but I wouldn’t remember anyway.