What bug was crawling in my library book?

I was in bed last night reading a book I had checked out from the local public library. As I was reading, I noticed a tiny light yellow bug crawling on the page I was on. I smushed it on the page and kept reading, but I’m a little concerned about what I could be bringing into my bed.

It was tiny (maybe the size of a pin’s head), almost colorless, and didn’t leave much of a mess when squashed. What was this? A dust mite? A small spider?

A bookworm?

It doesn’t sound like a bedbug, for what it’s worth.

A baby bed bug :slight_smile:

A booklouse?

I stopped staying in motels for fear of bringing back bedbugs. Now I must stop checking out library books. Thank you very much.

The book isn’t necessarily the source of the bug. It just provided a clean, lighted surface the OP’s eyes were already focused on when the little guy wandered into their gaze.

So, if it’s any consolation they might be crawling all over the place and just very hard to see. Without knowing any more details of it’s anatomy my guess is some kind of mite.

Well, it’s definitely worth some peace of mind!

I didn’t see any wings because it was so small and colorless, but a lot of those pics look pretty close. Ewww. I’m definitely going to Ziploc this and return it to the library.

That’s a fair point. It could have fallen or jumped on the page after I opened it. It was so small that I doubt I’d be able to see it by itself. However, I don’t want to risk bringing booklice into my bed (or my house for that matter!).

I’m going to a big used book sale tomorrow, too. Maybe this year I’ll quarantine my new purchases. I’ve been really lucky so far and I don’t want to push it.

Ah! So, that’s who’s to blame for all the lousy books assigned for me to read! [Esp “Portrait of a Lady” - oh, the pain, the pain…all these years later, ow!] :frowning:

If it’s any consolation, booklice aren’t really lice. They’re a different order of insects completely, and don’t infest humans. They’re like silverfish…pests but not EWWWW pests.

And if they start getting out of hand you can bring in book scorpions (Not actually scorpions.) to bring them under control.

Awww…I love pseudoscorpions! They’re so tiny and cute!

Please let the library know when you bring it back. If they’ve got an infestation, they’re going to want to take steps.

I go through a lot of library books and have the occasional critter wander out from the pages. No bedbugs so far (knock on wood) but I’ve wondered about putting my library books through freezer quarantine before reading. This site says it would take a minimum of 5 days at 23 degrees F or lower, and recommends 2 weeks for the average household freezer.

Considering that my local library only allows 2-week checkout times (unless you renew), that would seem a bit counterproductive.

No kidding. My local libraries are 3 weeks with a 3-day grace period and easy renewal online, but still, that’s unwieldy. I just hope someday I don’t regret not going through the hassle of freezing.

Since the bedbug problem is going to get worse before it gets better, it will be interesting to see if any specialty businesses or new library protocols pop up in the near future.

Wouldn’t freezing wreck the glue in the binding? And condensation upon removing the book from the freezer could do some damage, too.