What bumper stickers are on your car?

I don’t do bumper stickers. They don’t seem to look good for long, as least from what I see on other people’s cars. I do have a small window sticker on my rear side window that is Tinkerbell. Just a white outline of her.

A white Chalk outline?

Same here, except mine is Jessica Rabbit. Va-va-voom!

“Fleece on Earth, Good Wool to Ewe”
Yeah, unbearably cheesy but I like it, haven’t seen another one like it.

And a WOOF magnetic emblem (in the style of those hometown abbreviation thingies)

I saw a Republicans for Voldemort sticker on a car in Balboa Park and ordered a pack, but I don’t know if one will make it on my car. If I put on every sticker that I like (some in this thread) the back of my Volkswagen would look very Volvo 240DL wagon in Berkeley-ish. Not a bad thing really, but cluttered.
I’m a big bmper-sticker reader. If you ever look in your rear view mirror and see a red VW a little too close for comfort, it’s because I’m trying to read your stickers. I’ll back off as soon as I’m done. Sorry.


I don’t put bumper stickers on my cars; as others have noted, they look crappy.

I have 2 removable window clings: one is for my favorite local radio station (kink), and the other says I am an Oregon Zoo member.

My husband’s SUV has a U of O alumni window cling.

Someone ran over Po!?

I have one; it’s an anti-Dubya (“W” in a red “no” circle like the no smoking signs–what do they call those anyway?). I think it confuses people though, because I drive a V-Dub and the sticker is pretty close to my rear VW emblem. It’s also magnetic. I’m not really keen on sticking something to my car that can’t be removed easily.


The car came from Georgia and the “Georgia Tech” sticker came with it. I haven’t spent the time to take it off yet.

Count me as pro-bumpersticker. Cars without bumper stickers are boring.

“One by one, the penguins slowly steal my sanity”
“Ninja monkeys are meeting as we speak, plotting my demise”
“My day isn’t complete until I’ve terrified a complete stranger” which is placed along side “W04” :wink:

I’m waiting on replacing my car before springing for “Member of the vast right-wing conspiracy”