What bumper stickers are on your car?

I have one that says “I Break For Tailgaters”, inspired by a recent thread, and one that says “Honk If You Love Me”.

What do you have?

“Help Stamp Out Mental Health!”


I’ve got a small sticker that advertises the tattoo studio that did my last tat, and a Badnarik in 04 that I really should get removed.

“Nautical People Have Their Ship Together!”


None. But I have an Indiana University alumni sticker inside a window. I don’t see any reason to deface my own car.

Little Bad Ass Papillons and Got Gordon Setters?

Not yet, but I’m thinking about having one made on the Internet that reads:


I’ve got a very faded Human Rights Campaign “=,” plus my Evolve fish (the one holding a wrench).

I have a “Han Shot First” sticker and a Kingdom of Loathing one. I also have a very faded Hunter S. Thompson Gonzo symbol and a small one that says “Don’t Submit.”

I’ve got two:

“God Is Too Big To Fit Inside One Religion” and

“We can bomb the world to pieces but we can’t bomb it into peace”

I also have a Wolf Sanctuary decal.

On the left side of the rear bumper:

“Amnesty International”

“Free Tibet”
On the right side:



Ooooh, I’d love to get one of those. Did you find it online?

I have a Monster Magnet sticker and a Black Sabbath sticker. Part of my MM sticker tore off the last time I went through the car wash so I guess I’ll have to remove it. I waited and waited for the perfect sticker for my car and the damn thing ripped. I probably won’t be able to find the same one again.

On my car, a small American flag, and a spiffy “Kennedy/Johnson” repro 1960 campaign bumpersticker I got from the JFK Library in Boston.

On our family van, an oval white-on-green “VT” oval, a “We support [our local school]” rear-window sticker, a world soccer insignia, and a teeny little smiley face (my six-year-old put it there; I haven’t gotten around to taking it off).


A white silhouette of a Schweizer 300CB I had made at one of those vinyl stickers kiosks

‘Talk nerdy to me’, followed by a white Macintosh Apple

AOPA wings

White ‘Group 3 Aviation, Van Nuys Airport’ with a Bell LongRanger silhouette

Red MG octagon

I have a sticker from the movie The American Astronaut
Waterloo Records from Austin
A chunklet Magazine sticker that says “We’re all in this together
Except you, you’re a dick”

Mass Transit Ale
the band Sugar Shack sticker

and an Axeman Surplus sticker from Minneapolis/St. Paul.

“Throw the bums out!”

Oddly, none of mine are actually on the bumper. I’ve got a chrome UT Longhorn to the left of my license plate, a God Bless Texas sticker to the right, a silver Autobot decal on the driver’s side rear quarter window, a window sticker of my wife’s sorority shield (Zeta Phi Beta) on the passenger’s side rear quarter window, and a geocaching logo window cling on the bottm center of the rear window.


“Support the magnetic ribbon industry”

My buddy has one on his car that says:

“My Goddess created your God”

“My other car is a Pynchon novel”

That’s it, since it’s about as pretentious as anyone can ever hope to be.