What can I do in the Miami Airport for three hours

In a few weeks I’ll be changing planes in Miami. I’ll be arriving on a Sunday at 9 AM and flying out at 12 Noon. So, what can I do to fill those three hours?

I don’t mind taking a cab someplace if that helps.

If you’re at all into old/remodeled interesting buildings, and you’re not too jet-lagged, head down to South Beach. Lots of old Art Deco buildings. Nice walk along the beach too.

I’m not sure if this is still applicable, but you used to be able to go to the poolside bar/lounge at the top of the Miami Int’l Airport Hotel, at concourses D&E, and, for a nominal fee, lounge by the pool. Beats the crap out of waiting at the terminals if your too wiped to venture far.

Eat at La Caretta, a buffet-style cuban Restaurant at concourse D, across from the hotel. Not good airport food - good food period. Try the chicken imperiale for lunch.

Safe trip…


Uh, make that Cuban restaurant.

…why do I bother with preview??

Look for coke mules.

Noon flight, or noon boarding?

I came into this thread to suggest a meal at La Carreta in the airport terminal, so I second Shaky Jake’s recommendation.

I’d worry about being late to your flight if you take a cab too far from the airport, but Sunday morning traffic shouldn’t be bad at all if you stay aware of the time. A quick cab ride to South Beach just to soak up an hour of ambiance shouldn’t be out of the question, though.

Noon flight

Visit every bookstore in the building until you find one that doesn’t shrink-wrap all of its pornography.

If you’re travelling internationally, you definately do not want to leave the airport and go back through security, you might miss your connection.

My advice, drink heavily.

And then poop on the First Class beverage cart on your connecting flight!