What can I do to cover up a pimple?

Help please. I have a date tonight, and a particularly heinous breed of pimple (actually a duet) has sprouted on my face. Its red and painful, and with my face pale from the sunless winter, it shines bright like a beacon.

I’ve heard foundation is often used to much success. Can someone tell me what to buy and how to use it? I’m a man, so I don’t know much about those things.

Dunno if this would work for you, but Clearasil makes an acne cream that’s supposed to blend in to your skin, allowing you to cover up a pimple. I’ve used it with varying success; might be worth checking into.

Rip off some skin from your earlobe and tape it over the zit

Goodluck on the date!

My mother has a bottle of something called CornSilk, it’s supposed to cover up things like that. I’ve borrowed some from time to time for the same reason in the past. Though, if you put too much on, it looks very obvious.

Have you thought of wearing a mask and telling her you thought it is a masquerade party?

Lotsa luck, bro. Tho it is hard to imagine from your shoes, believe me as one who has been there and whose daughter has been fighting through it - it is a lot more noticeable to you than it will be to her. Don’t dwell on it or you’ll give her a REAL reason to not enjoy the date.

I am a guy but I have found that concealer works much better than foundation. That is what it is for. Any makeup counter has several shades but I have found that the Body Shop brand works well.

Hey Shag - you recommending the guy use bondo?

Nother thing, be up front about it. Say “I usually don’t have this 3d eye here, so you are gonna have to give me a 2d date so you can see how dashingly handsome I normally am.” Then just be your normal witty and amusing self.

Or you could go the sympathy route and claim a brain tumor, and try for the pity fuck!

Just make sure it doesn’t pop in the middle of dinner getting pus all over her meal.

As a girl I can tell you that concealer works well too. DON’T pick at it or it will get redder and stand out even more.

You can pick up some inexpensive Cover Girl concealer at any drug store or Wal-Mart/K-Mart or even a grocery store. Pick a shade that matches your skin tone. Dab a tiny bit on the pimple and then blend it into the pimple and skin around it.

Try going to a Walmart, K-Mart, or Target. Go the makeup section, and find where they have products by the company Physicians Formula. They have this great stuff for concealing pimples. It’s a stick, and it’s green. Because red and green are opposite colors, putting a bit of the green stuff on the pimple will lessen the redness. Follow, if necessary, with a bit of foundation on top.

I’m a cosmitician - I may not know much about much, but I know about this.

  1. Get some loose or pressed powder. Any brand. Ask at Walmart, a drug store, whereever.
  2. Get some concealer, one shade lighter than your normal skin tone.
  3. Get some foundation the same shade as your skin tone. You will probably need the gal to help you.
  4. Clean your face. Using a q-tip like device, apply the POWDER to the pimple. This will absorb extra oil produced by the beastie and reduce shine.
  5. Using a fresh q-tip like device, apply concealer to the BOTTOM half of the zit - this will counter-act the appearance of a shadow. (Caused by the beastie poking out).
  6. Using another fresh q-tip like device, apply foundation sparingly over the pimple. Use a dabbing motion. Make sure to blend the edges - you can do this by using the clean end of the q-tip like device.
  7. Using another fresh q-tip, apply a final layer of powder over the whole lot.

This will conceal the zit for the maximum amount of time. With only concealer, the extra oil from the zit will cause the product to pill and slide resulting in a pale, fleshtone ring of makeup around a bright red zit. Sort of like it wasn’t prominent enough, so you decided to circle it to draw attention. Bad. Very, very bad.


P.S. Have fun on your date. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Gonna go see if they have that Physicians formula around here.

Good point Alice. I always wear powder anyway. I didn’t know that it contributed to the zit concealing!

Draw a happy face on it, and just explain to your date that you are babysitting for the evening, so you had to bring the kid along on the date.

Try tanning… if you’re not prone to acne, going to a tanning studio can greatly hide the little buggers and IIRC tanning also kills the bacteria via UV rays (Don’t know if it’s true but sounds like it could hold some truth)


wear a band-aid over it

Eh - probably not a great idea for one pimple.

Even for folks with multiple pimples, tanning is probably not a great treatment choice.

While it will temporarily get rid of zits, generally a whole new batch will form ASAP.

Also, you may have no zits now, but your face will look like shoe leather when you’re 40. Don’t go there - trust me, you’ll thank me later.