What can I do with Dill?

I bought some dill mid-week and used some of it to make gravelax. The gravelax is delicious but I’ve got a bunch of cut dill in the fridge, and I’m wondering what I can do with it while it’s still good.

Note that I’m alone and only cook for myself, so what I cook has to be small or must last.

Eggs, either scrambed, or fried ( I like to put a little butter in the pan, sprinkle some dill into the butter, and fry the egg on top.

Salmon with dill. Mmmmmm.

Mince it and mix it into tartar sauce.

Thinly slice a bunch of carrots and stir-fry them in butter until they’re tender-crisp and a little caramelized. Just before serving, sprinkle them generously with minced dill.

There used to be a restaurant that has a sandwich that was like an open face grilled cheese with little shrimp and a warm dill sauce over it. It was really good, but I have not be able to find a recipe for anything that sounds like the dill sauce. It was smooth, white and served warm. I don’t think it was a mayonnaise base. Can anybody help?

Back to the OP, I really love these cheddar cheese puffs. The freeze well, so you don’t have to eat them all at once. But they are better warm , so I prefer to keep the dough in a pastry bag and just bake a few at a time for a few days.

The Joy of Cooking has a dill bread recipe. I’ve always wanted to make it but never got around to buying fresh dill.

I think dill is the main herb that gives ranch dressing the characteristic “ranch” flavor, no? Maybe you could do some homemade dressing

Home made chicken soup.

Add in a kosher chicken, lots of water, salt, turkey legs, pepper, chopped celery, chopped carrots, an onion, a few smashed garlic cloves and a bit of soup base. Add in dill. A rutabaga is not a bad idea as well.

Let boil for a few hours. Strain, drain out dill and then chill overnight.

Serve the next day with rice or small sized pasta like orzo.


Mix into your tuna, potato salad and macaroni salads. Make pasta with white sauce, dill, grated nutmeg and smoked salmon.


It’s great in Chicken Noodle Soup.

Make a quick pickling solution (equal parts water, sugar, and white vinegar), slice cucumber into it, and add a bunch of fresh dill. Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. After you take out the pickled cucumber, you can just slice another one into the bowl and repeat.

Braise some lean lamb. Cut it into chunks, then mix it with a bechamel that has some lemon juice and dill added to it. I don’t have my mom’s recipe handy, but you can probably find some if you search for something like “lamb with dill sauce”.

White bean salad. Cook up some white beans, and while they are still warm, add minced garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and chopped dill (and finely diced other veggies if you want - bell peppers, celery, red onion, etc. are good. Some spinach might not be bad, either.)

Its fantastic on fish, even just some cheap white run of the mill kind of fish.

Dill bread is great too, though what comes before it actually becomes bread is even better :slight_smile:

Q-How do you make pickle bread?
A-With dildo (dill dough)

Sprinkle dill on salads.

You can make a Swedish dish called dillkött, which is basically a veal stew with a cream-and-dill sauce. If you don’t eat veal, I’ve made it with stewing beef or chicken thighs, and it’s still quite delicious.

Actually, that recipe doesn’t have cream. Here’s one that does.

I freeze leftover fresh herbs. They keep their flavor quite well, although their texture is not good enough to use for garnish after thawing.

I use dill in anything that could use a nice tart kick, I have some fresh dill growing in my Aerogarden 6, so whenever I want to use some fresh dill, I snip off a couple sprigs, there’s nothing like really fresh dill…

adding it to tartar sauce really shines, or on an italian sandwich, or chicken, on a baked potato, for me, it’s easier to say what I wouldn’t use it on, basically any kind of beef/steak, it’s great on almost everything else

<walks over to the Aerogarden and snips off a fresh dill sprig to chew on>

(I need to try that quick pickle recipie once my bushing cukes come in…)

Here is what I do with dill,

Take some mayonnaise. Keep adding garlic till you can taste it in there. Keep adding cracked/fresh pepper till you can taste it in there . And the same with lemon juice.

For the final thing I use one of these three things, also added till I can taste it.

fancy/spicy/brown mustard

A1 steak sauce or worhshisssstersistersire sauce

Tabasco sauce.

Then load it up with lots of dill.

Slather that on both sides of a nice piece some sort of fresh white fish. Then cook on a high heat, both sides, being carefull to not BURN anything (though a good browning is good), and being careful to not overcook the fish. I use a foreman grill for this usually.

Also, if you have a light watery kind of soup, adding lots of dill to that is also quite good. One of those new healthy, low calorie, low salt kind of soups would be a good place to start if you don’t typically make your own soups.

Dill omelet. Throw in some slightly-caramelized onions, some mild cheese, and plenty of dill. Eat with plenty of toast.

Yogurt dill sauce is good on most fish, eggs, bread, salad, gyros, kebobs or grilled chicken.

Just take 6 oz. plain yogurt, a couple of tablespoons of snipped fresh dill, a little lemon juice, a couple of toes of minced garlic and cracked black pepper to taste. Leave it set covered in the fridge for at least an hour for the flavors to make their own little party.