What can I do with my new found "geek" powers?

So my computer has been sickly lately.

It was bad enough that I was going to take it to the geek store and have them fix it. But then I thought to myself: “No, I’m going to go buy all the “fix it” software and at least try to do it myself.”

The “fix it” software basically consisted of Eset anti virus and then I also bought a registry cleaner/maintenance thing.

I pop the antivirus thing in with surprisingly no problems. It only found one “infiltration”.

But then I pop in the registry cleaner and JEEZE!! It found 1,395 problems!! But the problem was, it kept getting stuck on certain files. So I had to figure out how to isolate those files and get them out of there. Which I did!! (three hours later)

Now, I feel like I have this huge talent going to waste. What else can I do with my super geek powers?

Do I get to join a club?

Do I get to learn the secret hand shake?

Do I have a chance with that “Band Camp” girl?


Jus’ feel’n proud of myself