Who do you think you are, computer repairman?

The input for the power cord on my laptop was broken, so as I couldn’t charge my computer I needed to get it fixed. I took it to a local HP-approved repair place to get it fixed. It took them almost a month to get it back to me between waiting for the parts and waiting my turn in line, but I understood that going into it so I waited patiently and today I finally got it back.

So I turn it on, and what did I find?

I found 5 different programs, including Safari, installed on my computer. I opened Firefox and found the Yahoo! by AVG toolbar installed.

When, precisely, did I tell this guy that he could install any Apple crapware on my computer? That’s right, the answer is never. If I wanted that stuff on my computer I have had ample time to put it there myself. Why would I put anything on my computer that I have never before used and have no intention of using?

I brought the computer to this business to fix the power input problem, not to put on programs that for the last hour have fought my every attempt to remove them. Finally I got rid of all but the AVG toolbar, which I will hide for time being because I’m too annoyed to delete AVG, re-download it, and reinstall it right now.

I know what my mistake was. I should never have given them my password. I should have created a Guest account without Administrator privileges. But I am baffled as to why a straight component issue requires installing a bunch of garbage I don’t want on my computer.

Never again. These guys will not get any more of my business, now or in the future. And all because some pinhead tech guy couldn’t resist clicking the “Install” button, which he had no right to do in the first place.

Hell, on a jack repair all we do is make sure it boots into windows unless the customer asks us to look into other things.

Reformat the damn thing and start fresh. It’s less aggravating.

That “repair” is unacceptable, regardless of the OS used, the tech should not have installed anything on the machine, especially for a simple component swap

I presume that you brought this point to the attention of the manager of the repair place, as well as to HP. At the very least, the manager should be aware of what his employees are doing, and may even offer to fix the problem with the AVG toolbar free of charge. And HP, particularly if yours is not the first complaint they’ve gotten about this place, just might decide to yank the shop’s approval for HP repairs.

Since the store was dealing with me in terms of approval for repairs and so forth, I will be calling the owner this morning to complain. I hadn’t thought to call HP, but I may do that if I can’t get satisfaction when talk to the owner. And I will be talking to the owner.

Am I missing something here? Is MsRobyn actually Mrs. Doors?

She is, looks like someone didn’t log out or check which account they were posting from.

Just wait until you find the hidden porn.

I’d be livid if I took a system in for repair and the did something like this.

If you have any further problems with getting this resolved drop me a PM, if nothing else I can strip the toolbars without reinstalling AVG and such.

Or all of their personal porn at the new NaughtyRobynlikesAirmenSemen.com

That’s not new.

So which one is actually going to talk to the shop owner?

Putting myself into the shop owners shoes I would be somewhat nervous of an AD scolding but would turn into a whimpering, sniveling puppy if put on the receiving end of a MsRobyn verbal attack.

That’s your best move, along with informing them of your decision. I’d be pissed in your shoes. (what are they, 12 1/2s?)

You know, if you kept Safari, you and MsRobyn wouldn’t have so much trouble remembering to log in/out of the SDMB - you could just stay permanently logged in on separate browsers.

That’s what the wifey and I do - I use Chrome, she uses Firefox.

You know you can just uninstall the toolbar from Firefox’s add-ons menu, right?

I doubt they actively sought out to download and install these applications on your machine. Somebody was probably careless in downloading updates and didn’t pay enough attention to checkboxes during the update process. Safari likes to bundle itself with Quicktime updates, and if you’re not careful, you’ll try to update QT and end up installing Safari. Y! Toolbar rides along with Java updates in a similar fashion.

Yeah, I know you brought the machine in for a hardware repair, not a software repair. And I think that the repair tech ought to be keelhauled, but I don’t think it’s as malicious as you might think. The repair tech probably thought he was helping by updating your software and ended up installing some programs accidentally.

To me, it looks like Airman Doors posted the complaint, and then MsRobyn stepped in to mention that she was the one they were dealing with and she’d be taking it up with them. All pretty straightforward, no account problems.

But I could be wrong.

A tech that fucking ignorant is, IMO, potentially worse than a purely thoughtless one.

What!? No, it is completely irresponsible to update some ones software unless you have been asked to. There is no shortage of incompatibilities with different versions of software requiring people to use an older version of something for various reasons. It is even worse with some versions being nigh on impossible to roll back (I am looking at you Microsoft!)