What can I make from loquats?

In my house, I have a loquat tree. In case anyone has never had a loquat (I never had till last year) they’re a soft fruit rather like a mild apricot in taste.

The tree is rather prolific, and in a few more days I’m going to have a LOT of loquats on my hands.

I also have a daughter whose school is having the yearly fete in about three weeks time, which includes a preserves stall for which I’ve already made some stuff, and is still hanging out for more supplies.


However, if I’m going to put these loquats to good use, I need a good recipe for something. The only experienced advice I’ve had so far is from my mother-in-law (and I quote) “My husband would tell you to make loquat jam, but honestly I don’t think it tastes very nice.” Hardly a glowing recommendation for the family cookbook!

So I turn to the dope. Of course there are loquat recipes all over the web, but I’d much rather get some personal recommendations. Anyone got one?

Do lolcats eat loquats?

Actually, what would be really fun would be to get a honey-based recipe, then we could call it “Loquats and Wild Honey ;)”

Am I the only one who saw the thread title and thought “anagrams”?

Squat Lo
Qua Lost
Qua Slot
Qua Lots

I grew up next door to a loquat tree, and still love the taste of those fruits. If I had a loquat today, I’d eat it the way I always have: pop off the stem, squeeze out the disturbingly suggestive pits, eat the rest as is.

They’re so delicious I think it would be a waste to do more than that to them.

I have had pies and tarts made from them. It seems to me anything you could use an apricoat for you could just throw them in instead.

I believe they are from China or Japan so you might want to try Googling Chinese or Japanese dishes too

You could make a chutney. This isn’t an actual personal recommendation; I’ve never eaten loquat. But it sounds like it would taste amazing with ginger or hot pepper in a chutney-style preserve.

Please explain, I feel like I am missing something here.

My pleasure.

In the absence of any other positive recommendations, I think I’ll go with this one.

We shall see how it goes…

Oh! I was trying to make it into a different sort of pun.

That chutney sounds delicious. Good luck!

Loquats and kumquats and bears, oh my!

Loquats and kumquats and whiskers on kittens …

Loquats, kumquats, countrymen; lend me your ears …

A Loquacious dessert.

I couldn’t resist it. I’m sorry.