What can I use my computer for?

Seriously, I threw down 800 bucks on this chunk of machine. All I ever use it for is to surf the net and talk with you guys.

My GF likes to tease me and tells me I basically spent $800 on a high speed porn box.

I really feel like I’m letting my computer go to waste here.

So what else is this thing good for?

Do you have MS Word? Write a Novel.

Do you have Excel? ** Budget your finances. **

Do you have a nice enough Graphics Card? Play some RPG’s.

Do you have a digital Camera?** Make a Coffe Table Book or E-Scrapbook**

All thing’s I’ve done with my High Priced Porn Box.



Got a kid? (or niece / nephew?) Kiddie-art displayboard.


I dunno - working? Typing stuff into a word processor and printing it out?

If it’s too slow to run modern, graphic-intense games, try the bargain bin and get some oldies but goodies.

You mean use the computer for something OTHER than the internet?? I don’t understand.

Install MinGW and learn some programming and/or to poke around with Unix.

If you are into Amateur Radio, use it to get into the digital modes.

Use MS Access or Filemaker to create a home inventory database.

Please do tell what you mean by this.
I’m not sure what you mean but it sounds cool.

"My GF likes to tease me and tells me I basically spent $800 on a high speed porn box. "

… that’s a bad thing? :dubious:

Pay all your bills online.

Better yet, get Quicken and manage your finances with it AND pay your bills online.

Shooting target.

Learn to transfer and process video to make DVDs of your irreplaceable shows on VHS tapes or your camcorder footage, or similarly, audio, for making CDs of your records that have never been issued on CD. If you learn one or both of these, you can make money doing it for other people. There’s a market out there for people with such skills.

This, BTW, is really not that hard, nor is it very expensive.

All you need are a good sound program (Try PolderBits), a pre-amp (10 at radioshack - you might have to use radioshack dot com) and a couple of cables / adapters. Maybe 50 for the lot. (Assuming you already have a record player.)

Well, I’d have to disagree with it not being expensive or difficult if you want to do world-class work. You need a decent turntable with a decent cartridge and stylus, a decent phono preamp, of which the Radio Shack model is not one, and Adobe Audition. There’s a huge difference between transferring records and running a preselected process on them, and removing every single noise that ought not to be there. One will get you a job a few times a year. The other will allow you to offer your services to record labels and the Smithsonian.

Ture dat.

OTOH, since the OP has spent $800 on his computer, I wasn’t imagining that he was looking to spend as much or more on peripherals.

Y(and the OP’s)MMV.

Any outfits out there in cyberspace that could make use of processing time on your machine?

Learn how to play chess. Computer is a great tool for learning and playing.

Teach yourself how to program.

If you’re into home automation, you can use your computer to control a host of X10 devices.

You can hook it up to your phone line, and use it as an answering machine.

Hook to your stereo and rip all your CD’s to the computer and use it as a virtual JukeBox.

If you have some sort of DVR, depending on the type, you can use your computer to control it, or copy content from it.

You can purchase software that will teach you a wide assortment of skills…from new languages, to Algebra, to playing the guitar.

I’ve used my computers for all of these things in one form or another. Technology can do a lot of things…if you want to take the time to learn how to use it.

Do you like electronic music? You know, techno, house, Drum n Bass, etc…? Or some other music that can be made on a computer?
If so, get a program for that, like Reason, for example. Also, you might want to get a Midi-synth for this, which is about 120$ or so, if the prices in the US are similar to the ones in Sweden…

I guess the first thing you should ask yourself is “What can I do with the internet except check email, surf porn and post on message boards.” Once you discover some answers to that, you can do all kinds of stuff with your computer. A whole world of possibilities.

Just ask her how much she spent on thirty pairs of shoes.

Yes, but they won’t pay you for it. There’s folding@home for instance. It uses your idle cycle time in a distributed computing network to study protein folding and what not. There are others like this too.