What Can Someone Who Needs Professional Security Expect To Pay For It?

Say a wealthy and high-profile celebrity couple took up residence in a major metropolitan area – LA or Vancouver BC, for example. Assuming they went for the barest of bare minimum security detail* (say, a bodyguard on-call for when they need one, like for travel or being out in public, and maybe a permanent guy at their gate), what would they expect to pay?

Also, are private security personnel allowed to carry firearms in Canada (British Columbia if it makes a difference)?

*I mean a true professional, like a guy trained in martial arts, licensed to carry a firearm, knows how to shake a tail, etc. Not some guy making minimum wage who gets a uniform and a walkie-talkie.

Don’t need answer fast.

Just as a data point, ATCs (Authorization to Carry) for firearms are extraordinarily difficult to obtain for individuals, even if there is a documented threat to a person’s life. It is far easier for armoured couriers who are transporting cash or precious metals to obtain said authorization.

For another data point, holders of licenses for restricted firearms (Read: handguns, AR-15’s and other ‘scary’ rifles) run at about 0.1% (1 per 1000) of the general population. The ownership, storage, transportation, and use of this class of firearms are highly restricted, and holders of these licenses are more closely tracked than sex offenders and persons prohibited by the courts from owning firearms.

FYI, diplomatic protective services are usually undertaken by the RCMP.

All that said, looking online for security guard training resources indicates the average wage for an unarmed security guard (not a ninja, but a trained, uniformed security officer in a uniform with a walkie, and use of force training) runs 30,000 - 45,000 $CAD/yr, for what it’s worth. So figure 3 shifts per day at the higher rate and double it for the overhead of the supplying company would give you a lower rate for round the clock unarmed security detail.


No, it would be more than that–you forgot weekends. There are 8760 hours in a year. With vacations, sick days, training it would take at least 4 and probably 5 man years of labor to provide round the clock protection. And since there are two people who will be apart part of the time it will take more. And of course one person protection is not at all adequate to prevent a serious attack.

Depending on the nature of the threat, the person might chose to live in a secure building and only require an accompanying guard while away from home. That might reduce the expense.

i take `it this about the former prince and princess that’s moving to Canada ?

I would think the RCMP is going to do it and just present harry or Charles a bill

Sort of like how you can have uniformed and armed la county sheriffs deputies as official security for about 3-400 a day (sad thing the officer usually just gets his normal pay… he might get overtime if hes lucky)