What Can We Do with a Million Eggs (Need Answer Fast)

So in the Netherlands, a chick-delousing company used a prohibited pesticide and managed to make a lot of eggs unsalable. They cannot be used for human consumption, although it is wrong the say they are drop-dead poisonous.

So we got a, let’s call it a million, fresh eggs we cannot sell as food, nor for any use that might bring them into contact with people. I suppose pet food would be OK legally at least.

What chemical or industrial processes could use a whole lot of discounted chicken eggs?

Is anyone still trying to make Thermal Depolymerization work, commercially?

The WETF might be interested.

But the next world championship is 10 months away, unfortunately.

Perhaps in the meantime the eggs could be held in reserve in stockpiles around the world to discourage all politicians from doing anything despicable for the next 10 months?

Tempera paint?

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Worlds biggest Easter egg roll?

Supply all elementary school field days for the spoon and egg race?

I like this idea. If they were purposed for this, they wouldn’t even need to be refrigerated.

Let them rot, then use them to add odor to natural gas.

Albumen photographic prints.

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Eggshells make good compost matter for gardens - could they use them in fertilizer?

Stand them on end to demonstrate that this is possible at times other than an equinox.

Since this is going to attract a lot of joke answers, let’s move it to IMHO.

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As the old saying goes: You can’t move threads without breaking a few eggs.

They could be easily processed into animal food. Plenty of protein, calcium and fat.

Start an egg drop competition.

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Use them to test the effects of very-young-bird strikes on jet engines.

Are they fertilized? You can use them to make flu vaccine.


I can eat 50 of them.

What is the life-time (or half-life?) of the forbidden pesticide, whatever residue of it may exist in these eggs? If you just leave the eggs laying around for a few years, can all the poison be deemed to be fully eliminated?

Just bury them in the back yard (lots of back yards) for the next hundred years, and they you’ll have a goodly supply of hundred-year-old eggs, aka “Century eggs”, a Chinese cuisine delicacy.