What can you do with Altoid tins?

I have a weakness for ‘cute little containers.’ As in, some people collect baseball cards or stuffed animals or flavored vinegars. I ‘collect’ little boxes/containers and especially Altoid tins.

They’re just so darn cute. Each time I empty one (got a serious cinnamon mint habit) I think “Such a nice little metal box, I should keep it. It would be perfect for… uh … something.”

But what? After years of thinking this way, I have accumulated several dozen of the things, the ‘big’ traditional ones and now the littler ‘mini’ ones. In all that time I have found exactly TWO good uses for them:

  1. They’re a great size to carry a few bandaids in your purse or tote. (Likely more necessary for those caring for young children or terminal klutzes like me.)

  2. They make a good carrycase for a couple of thumb drives. It makes the drives easier to find among the other clutter in my purse AND protects them from the smashed up cheerios and other such child-related detritus that some how accumulates.

Anyway, I was nagging my husband about all his boxes full of various hardware bits 'n pieces, and he pointed out I was just as bad, with the Altoid tins as Exhibit A.

So now I really need some good ideas for what Altoid tins are good for. :wink:

Any one?

use them to make tiny portable zen sand gardens

You can put your weed in there.

I sold a couple dozen on eBay once.

dammit, you were too fast…

22 Manly Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin

build yourself a headphone amplifier.

people that make small electronic projects might use them for enclosures.

tin can of all sorts have always been popular in this regard.

You can use them for small tools – taps, mills, random tiny drill bits, lathe tools.

I keep my sorted change in them until I accumulate enough to put in coin rolls

You can also put small stationery supplies in them – paper clips, or thumb tacks, or small binder clips

You can decorate them and use them as containers for tiny presents (earrings, gift cards) or for stocking stuffers.

You can put small things for camping in them. If you seal around the joint with electrical tape they’re virtually waterproof. So you can keep matches in them, along with a striker strip.
If you’re into electronics, you can use them like mini-Bud Boxes. Especially since Radio Shack has gone down the tubes.

I used to have an addiction to curiously strong mints, so I used them for art at my office.

When we moved out of that building some lucky midtown office peon inherited my creative genius.

They make wonderful mini suitcases for dollhouses, especially when covered in leather.

I keep loose change in one and bills in another one. Comes in handy to pay the pizza delivery or paper boy.

I noticed a ginger mint box in there. Why the @#$%& did they stop making ginger & licorice? :mad: :mad: :mad:
I use 'em for thumbie drive holders or to hold various small hardware - nails/screws/etc.

Trader Joe’s Gingermints

TJ’s is where I used to get the Ginger Altoids; never seen those in my local one. Guess what just got added to the agenda for tomorrow morning. :wink:
I’ve also never seen two (three) buck chuck as they don’t sell it in the local states.

Personally, I think they’d make excellent containers for various small hardware bits 'n pieces. :slight_smile:

I used one as a wallet for a few years.

One holds my bobby pins.

Another hairpins.

Another safety pins.

Another pin pins.

I also make adorable miniature neopagan elemental altars out of them. But that’s probably a niche market.

I love the doll suitcase idea!

Use 'em to store your odonate collection ;).

Back when I smoked I remember an empty Altoids tin perfectly held 20 cigarettes (a pack) and kept them from getting crushed. And once you smoked a few, it held your lighter as well.

OB tampons.