What Can You Guys Tell Me About Cerebral Hypoxia?

I’ll try to keep this short and to the point…

I’ve got this crazy girlfriend that, for some unknown reason, my heart just can’t live without. I’ve known her for a couple of years, but we’ve only recently, about 3 months now, started romantically dating. The best way I can think of to describe her is that she has this very warm shyness quality to her personality, and she is very cute… at least to me! If you need a mental picture of her, think of a young Audrey Hepburn… grace, dignity and charm!

Anyway, last night we spent the night together, this wasn’t our first time together, and while ‘doing it’ she takes the belt from here pants and puts it around her neck and asks me to pull on the ends of it… choking her. She says “it’s okay, it’ll be alright.” Now I’ve been ‘round the block a couple of times, although in this sleepy little backwoods conservative town things like this you only read about in books, I was quite unprepared for this. I never, not even in 12-jazillion years, would have expected this from her!

We have a great relationship and I’m not prepared to end it over this. I thinking along the lines of; I can see myself sharing the rest of my life with her. :slight_smile: Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but she really is that great!

We’ve only briefly discussed this afterwards and it seems like this is something she’s into. I’ve heard of asphyxiation during sex, but by no means thought I’d be involved with it. Having an open might and wishing to do whatever I need to satisfying her, I’ll go along with this… so, I guess IF we’re going to be doing this in the bedroom I want to make it safe, and I realize that ‘safe’ is a relative term here. :slight_smile:

With a little research I came across this article… What’s the story on autoerotic asphyxiation? (http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a3_218.html). And from that article: “The problem is that it’s easy to go too far. As little as seven pounds of pressure will collapse the carotid artery.”

Seven pounds? Would it be safe, and ‘safe’ is still a relative term here, :slight_smile: that something less than seven-pounds would be okay? Maybe using something that would break apart if it was pulled too hard? I need some ideas here, this is totally new territory for me.

p.s. I hope no one here is too easily offended. There isn’t a lot of sex related topics here, but I am, after all, looking for the straight-dope!

There are plenty of sex-related topics. :smiley:

Have nothing to say on this one, though. Sorry.

I would not encourage this particular fetish. It is extremely dangerous for both of you. If something goes wrong and she dies or is brain damaged, you would feel very bad indeed and feel even worse as you rotted in prison.

Why do you feel you must comply with this? You can tell her that you are very fond of her and are anxious to please her sexually but you are not comfortable with this. Do not leave the subject open to debate or persuasion. This should be non-negotiable IMO. Let her know how much you have to offer in other ways and let the chips fall where they may. If this is a deal breaker for her, you would be dealing with more psychopathology than most mortals can handle.

Strength of conviction in such a matter is an attractive quality in a man. Let her know that you are not such a big loser that you would do anything to keep her. It is not close-minded to set limits on such an obviously dangerous behavior.

Ah…autoerotic asphyxiation, or wank death, as I heard one forensic pathologist refer to it. I’m a little suspicious about the veracity of this post, given the sign-off, TIA (transient ischemic attack perhaps?) But nonetheless, topics like this I can’t resist.

First off, you may want to have a frank discussion with your dreamboat regarding what she really gets off on about this not-as-uncommon-as-you-might-think activity. There’s several orgasm-enhancing aspects that contribute to the proclivity, such as (1) the feeling of being choked and overpowered; (2) the excitement inherent in the riskiness of engaging in dangerous activity; (3) the titillation of indulging in taboo shenanigans; (4) the intensity-increasing properties of the hypoxia itself; and indubitably others. If it’s one of these over the others which gets her her yayas, you might be able to find a less precarious way to slap and tickle (maybe slapping and tickling!).

Chances are, however, it’s not that simple. These things tend to be complicated balls of string which lose essential dimensions when you try to unwind them. In that case, my advice is to not rely on the advice you might get from message boards like this. The potentialities are important enough that you don’t want to be basing your decisions on the musings of endearing yahoos who ask questions like “Why doesn’t my computer have a button for cents?”, “Who sang the toast song?”, and (my recent favorite) “Why do my farts smell good?”. Try to find a reputable source, although it might be hard in this area and some may say that phrase in this context is an oxymoron.

Having said that, you might try nitrous oxide. It induces hypoxia plus has that laughing gas effect which can add much fizz to your jizz. Consider, for example, that romantic scalawag Frank Booth in the movie Blue Velvet. In any case, it’s pretty safe in the short term, although it may have long term effects, and it lacks many of the less subtle qualities as a stiff rope around the neck.

Good luck.

Cecil speaks on a related subject What’s the story on autoerotic asphyxiation?.

This is a dangerous practice and you should not participate if for no other reason than if something goes wrong, you’ll llikely end up in jail.

I suspect mousecup is trolling, but I will bite.

Strangulation during sex, whether induced by the strangulee (autoerotic asphyxiation) or by a sex partner (heteroerotic asphyxiation?) is just plain stupid. Forensic medicine textbooks (the ones with the really gruesome pictures) generally devote an entire section to this sick behavior. Problem is that it can go too far and the strangulee ends up dead, with a really embarassing photo in the coroner’s report. Hey, if you’re lucky, mousecup, your photo could wind up in one of the authoritative Forensic Medicine texts…

If your girlfriend was involved, she could end up charged with homicide…

Frankly, I’d like to see a moderator chime in and close this thread and take it elsewhere.