What catalogs do you actually like to get?

I can just toss most of the ones at this time of year, but I love the camping ones.
I drool over expensive tents and top end canoes that I will never own.

Victoria’s Secret! :smiley:

Man, two posts and you’ve hit both of mine! I love Cabela’s, and I suspect I love Victoria’s Secret for a different reason than Waterman…
Oh, and there’s one western wear catalog that I always seem to actually buy things from, Rod’s . Oh, and Penzey’s.

Patternworks, Halcyon (both yarn and fiber arts equipment catalogs)
X-treme Geek, Cyberguys (gadgets and gizmos and computer components)

Incidentally, I call these two my “yarn porn”.

What reason do you have in mind? :rolleyes:

Signals - I just received a gift from my husband from there last night! :smiley:

Ikea and Holt Renfrew. For some reason those are the only catalogues I get too. So that works out.

Moss Motors (MGB parts)
The Easton Press (books)
Sporty’s Pilot Shop (pilot supplies)


Penzey’s is about 2 miles from my house so I visit that in person. (It is wonderful to walk in there and smell the world.)

My favorites are Rockler and Bits and Pieces and there used to be a couple gardening catologs I got that I loved but they don’t come in anymore and I forget their names.

With a name like Waterman you should look forward to the Levenger (pens and such) catalogue! :smiley:

Grainger, MSC Industrial Supply, and McMaster-Carr. Yes, I’m strange. :smiley:

LL Bean (fine classic outdoor clothing made well)
Sportsman’s Guide (cheap outdoorsy and sometimes odd stuff)
Sporty’s Pilot Shop (aircraft related)

Adam and Eve.

Levenger’s, Penzey’s, Nordic Needle, Pottery Barn. Oh, and Restoration Hardware, even though I can’t afford it. And Van Dyke’s Restorers, antique hardware for my antique house that I also can’t afford, alas.

I love many catalogues. :)[ul][li]ThinkGeek[/li][li]Sharper Image[/li][li]Improvements[/li][li]Solutions[/li][li]Get Organized[/li][li]Signals[/li][li]Pottery Barn[/li][li]Levenger[/li][li]Hammacher Schlemmer[/li][li]Taliesin Bookstore[/li][li]Swarovski[/ul][/li]


I love the Vermont Country Store catalog, L.L. Bean, and Lands’ End.

I only look at the Blowfish catalog online, though. (with a tape measure or ruler)

My favorite catalogs are for pet products.

Yeah, I buy a lot of dog stuff. When I see the elaborate, expensive items, like cherrywood beds with orthopedic matresses, I can soothe myself with the thought that I’m not *that *nuts.


Roll your eyes at me if you want to, but most men I know like to look at that catalog and I like to buy things from it. Not such a huge difference, but unless you’re underwear shopping, it’s still there.