What causes "Hangover Horniness"?

Apparently, a percentage of the population (myself included) experiences a sharp rise in libidinous energy the night after tossing back one too many. I decide to research the phenomenon earlier today on account of being once more afflicted due to last night’s consumption. Mind you, I’m far from being extremely nauseous and having a major headache… I just could have done without those last couple beers.

I have been unable to find any factual info about this. Only anecdotes and bewilderment by many confused and feisty people.

I would like to share in your bewilderment, having never heard of nor experienced this condition. When I’m hungover, I’m too busy feeling nauseated or having really stinky gas to crave sex. (ymmv, maybe it’s a gender thing? I’m female)

Alright I’m bewildered by rachelellogram’s comments, as I refuse to believe girls get gas.

At a guess, I would say the sugar intake from alcohol increases testosterone production. So if consumption hasn’t been enough to bring on a throbbing head, I guess it brings on a throbbing head.

you should not drink that . it is a insalubrity HABIT.

Anecdotally I can confirm the phenomenon.

My guess is that alcohol messes with many different brain functions, triggering post-consumption phenomena such as extreme hunger and craving for fat and protein, a vague feeling of unease, tearfulness, “the stares”; horniness is just another misfiring of some neurons caused by the comedown from the intoxicant. But I have no actual idea nor cite.

I think some of it is when people have overindulged, they tend to linger in bed, half-awake, and that tends to lead to arousal–sometimes even when you are alone.

Long term alcohol use definitely has effects on sex hormones in both men and women, so it’s not hard to imagine that drinking a lot in one sitting does too. I can’t find anything definitive, though.

Your brain is seeking an orgasm that will give it a precious three-second break from its agony.

I’m confused: do you mean you go out drinking, and feel horny when you get home? Or do you get that way the next night, over twenty four hours later?

The former, I would not call that “hangover,” and I’m sure most people experience this. But some of the posts seem to interpret it that way.

I think he means the next morning.

At times, when I’m drinking I drink too much to get it “up”. On these occasions I give my girl oral satisfaction, then sleep. In the morning, of course, I’m up and raring to go from the night before. Sometimes I get nooky, sometimes not. If not then it’s time to take the situation in hand…:slight_smile:

I, for one, can attest to the existence of this phenomenon and have wondered about it before.

Not me - I’m up and about very early no matter how hungover I am. The horniness tends to kick in around mid-morning.

Makes sense. If you’re incapable of getting out of bed, there’s still one method of built-in entertainment that is still easily available to you. It doesn’t take much stimulation to let the libido override the desire to not move.

Back in my youth when I routinely got plastered, the morning afters were often inspirational, in a weird way. Amidst the headache and general weakness there was a positive feeling of coming to my senses, of sharpened acuity and mental clarity, right about the time when my blood alcohol dropped to zero. Often I’d be horny, too. I think this was simply because of the dulling effects of alcohol wearing off, and normality feeling extra-special in comparison.Hey, I can actually feel my penis, and I like it

Isn’t this just a special case of “morning wood”?

That’s funny, I thought it was just me. Mind you I’m a rather randy fellow for the most part anyway, but it happens to me too. Of course I’m in no state to actually do it as I tend to look and smell like something a hobo discarded at that point, but boy howdy I’d like to.

Possibly it is because you, as a male, were much too sloppily drunk and obnoxious to be attractive to a female the evening before and awake frustrated as a result?

Quite, quite different. To me, morning wood is a purely physiological thing, with no desire attached to it. Whereas hangover horniness is a strong sense of non-specific desire, even if one is still too wasted to do anything about it.