What causes these weird pains, not "growing" anymore!

Ever since I can remember I get these pains occasionally. They are usually in my neck or shoulders and they are really awful stabbing and quite painful. There is nothing that can be done while they are happening to relieve it, it just passes on it’s own. Movements makes it worse. It’s almost like an electric shock,.

I am not describing it very well. When I was little my parents would say they were “growing pains”.

I had one again the other day in my shoulder and I almost cried it hurt so much, the good thing is, it’s only for about thirty seconds and then it’s gone.

Anyone else get these? What are they?

I posed a similar question some time ago and got no answer. I have had random pains at random times, too. Not limited to any particular part of the body. Just a strange and random pain. Sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for longer. It hurts, but seldom has it been intense enough to bring tears. I sometimes look at the affected area and wonder where, in fact, the pain is coming from. That spot, or my brain. I usually don’t touch the spot. An ankle, my side, my ear… I’m NOT a youngster. I’ve had these peculiar pains all my life. Sometimes they last 10-20 seconds. Sometimes they repeat after a few seconds. Sometimes not. Sometimes I go 3 months or more before I have that sensation someplace else. I’d love for a neurologist to weigh in. Or Qagdop. There’s probably a perfectly normal term for it. I have had, however, a few shots of trigeminal neuralgia over the years. Nothing disabling, but I’ve had a few whacks of it out of the blue. Like someone hitting me with a board in the side of the face. It has come and gone. I never saw a doctor for it. I don’t know if that’s related or not.

I get that, too. I’m 43 this year, so the only “growing pains” I get is when my pants are too tight. I asked my doctor about it once, and just got blown off. Maybe they have no idea. “Ideopathic” something-or-other is the term, I believe.

I get these also. I’ve figured out what they mean. Basically, each area of the body corresponds to a specific concept. For instance, the left side of the body symbolizes evil, while the right side symbolizes good. The arms symbolize actions, while the legs symbolize thoughts.

So if I get a pain or a twitch or itch in my left leg, that means that I am thinking an evil thought. If I get one in my right arm, that means that I am doing a good action. And so on.

There are many other concepts corresponding to different areas of the body. Too many to list in a short post here. YMMV.

Could it be just a “kink” in your neck? Those are extremely painful and come on suddenly. I don’t know the mechanism or cause of them, but the damn things hurt.

I suppose it could be, I forgot to mention, the pain pulses.

Do kinks pulse?

And what part of your body symbolizes BS?

That’s what I thought, too, at first.

Herniated discs in the neck can also cause those symptoms: neck and shoulder pain, and definitely the electric jolt if it compresses the spinal cord enough.

I think random pain in random places is nerve endings dying or something. Sometimes I get a pain that feels like someone sticking me with a stickpin for a few seconds on my stomach or some other weird spot. Weird indeed.

Just “growing pains”, that’s what my mother said and her mother confirmed it, so that’s all you need to know!
(I’m still growing at 67?)