What celebrities are homosexual, but are often thought not to be?

Now, it just might be stereotyping, but “My theory is” that at most of the people who sing YMCA at baseball games doesn’t know what the song (seems to be) is about. They may even be dismayed to hear it. I’ll also bet that most students, bored by badly taught works of (enter namefamous gay writer here) don’t know that sonnets written by (same here) where by a gay man.

What brought this on? The realization of Freddie Mercury or Alan Turing’s homosexuality? No, it was the trival fact that while the Japanese manga (comic book) “Miyuki-chan in Wonderland” which depicts the Alice in Wonderland inspired adventures of a young girl’s dreams of being chased by women, is obviously about a young girl running from the fact that she is a lesbian, people I have met in real life seem shocked by the idea.

P.S. Why not call this “who’s a gay celebrity?” Because the search engine seems to miss three letter words.

P.s.s. Yep, celebrites that are now known to be gay, but wear not then, like Rock Hudson count.

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As to the OP, I was shocked to learn it’s pretty much known that Jodie Foster’s a lesbian. I freely admit I don’t follow Hollywood that closely, so make of my shock what you will.

Dubya and Rummy make a cute couple.

(seriously, who cares who’s gay, or who you think is gay? no big whup)

Yeah, I know, don’t they. I am a member of the Bush/Dick shippers fanclub local 42.

But really, in my book, the more gay visability, the better, while the more text books that never have even one line saying, “such-and-such famous artist was gay”, and instead let kids think that there is no one gay is a bad thing.

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I don’t have my gaydar set very high. I also was suprised when my mom told me that Jodie Foster was a woman in comfortable shoes. Heck, it took a while to dawn on me that about half the congregation at my church is gay and lesbian. It isn’t unimportant but I think our goal as a society should be to reach a point where when we learn someone is gay the general public’s response is “meh.”

Well people thought George Michael was straight for the longest time.
Liberace sued a news paper for claiming he was gay, and won.
Eddie Izzard is often thought to be gay, but is in fact straight.

As long as we are off topic, and onto how many threads I start, let me post a comparison.

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Whoa! Since I started typing my response, I have had real answers. Thank you, guys.

btw, I was shocked (and aroused) when I realized the probably implication of the Book of Ruth, when Ruth is speaking to Naomi:
And Ruth said "entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following you. Where you go, I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge; your people shall be my people and your God my God; where you die, I will die and there will I be buried.
…What? I meant intellectually aroused, *intellectually *, I tells ya!

A buddy of mine from the north of England once told me, years ago, that the favorite group of many hooligan types was Queen, and it was worth your life to suggest that Freddie Mercury was gay. That has always made me laugh, whether it’s true or not.

I was astonished to find out that Freddie was of Indian extraction. don’t know why.

Here’s an alphabetical list for ya.


Thank you for the list, but if people would be so kind, I would really appreciate a list of people that surprise dopers, or people they have known. For example:

Dusty Springfield?

Really? I heard he was of Iranian (Persian) ancestry, and these sites seem to back that up:



Although he did apparently attend school in India.


Jodie Foster’s a lesbian? Well, shut my mouth. Looks like John Hinckley shot Reagan for nothin’.

Considering that Ruth married a male the first chance she got, I’d say interpreting that passage as a sign of lesbianism is a bit of a reach.

Wow, I must be backwards. I knew about Dusty Springfield (she was bi) but not about Jodie Foster. I just learned that glances at clock two minutes ago.

Other than that, so far, no one that I can think of. My husband, however, is a huge fan of Nathan Lane, and when I mentioned once that he was gay, he didn’t believe it. I think it’s dawning on him now, though… slowly.