non camp gay celebrity

I’m trying to think of some no camp gay celebs

The only ones that I can think of are

Rock Hudson
Will Young ( British Pop Idol winner and perhaps slightly camp)

Can anyone think of some more ?

The guy who plays Gandalf in Jackson’s LOTR

Dan Butler, who plays Bulldog on Frasier.

Amanda Bearse, from Married With Children

Barney Frank, the Congressman from Massachusettes.

Sheila James Kuehl, who started out in Dobie Gillis, went to Harvard Law School and later served in the California Assembly.

My own opinion, Nathan Lane may be “theatrical” offstage, but he doesn’t cross over the line to “camp.”

That would be Ian McKellen.

James Dean (I believe) was gay but never really showed it off; quite the contrary, he was rather butch.

Michael Stipe is gay but not campy.

That would be Ian McCellen, who also played Magneto in the X-men movies.

And I tell you, you can’t get much further from camp than Gandalf.

Richard “the Thorn Birds” Chamberlain

Ellen DeGeneris

Greg Louganis. Esera Tuaolo. Ambassador James Hormel. Bishop V Gene Robinson. Chad Allen. Martina Navritalova. Billy Bean. David Kopay. Billie Jean King. Sal Mineo. There are a few thousand others I could list off…

Robert Reed (Dad Brady from the original Brady Bunch show) is the one that sprang to mind first. I saw him in several interviews and he didn’t come off a bit campy. Don’t have a clue how he was in real life.

Tim Curry. Yeah, I know, I know! He was the height of camp in RHPS, but from his interviews and other subsequent shows afterwards, he never came off ultra-camp at all. In fact, he’s quite suave and well-spoken.

Does anybody have the Dope on Phillip Seymour (Scotty from "Boogie Nights, and more recently was a loser man of the cloth in “Cold Mountain”)? I remember reading he was gay, but I could be mistaken. If he is, I would definitely place him in the not-camp camp. If he isn’t, then nevermind.

By “non camp”, do you mean not stereotypically gay? If not, perhaps some of you should add your definitions at

If so, I have to wonder what Otto, Jimmmy, and RubyStreak are talking about when they say, “Greg Louganis, Martina Navritalova, Billie Jean King, Michael Stipe, Ellen Degenerous”.

They come across as REALLY stereotypically gay, to me anyway.

Philip Seymour Hoffman: not gay.

Tim Curry has not to my knowledge publicly stated that he is gay.

A football player in the Australian NRL whose name escapes me.

He played (plays?) with the North Queensland Cowboys, and is out as gay.

He’s not camp (in the sense of being a stereotypical gay man, or in the sense of being an effeminate man)

Would you describe Matt Lucas (of Little Britain, the current hot British sketch comedy show) as camp? I’m not sure.

“Campy” is not the same as “effeminate” or “stereotypically gay”.

The classic definition is by Susan Sontag in her 1964 essay Notes on Camp.

Walt Whitman

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DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

Just as a side question (since we’re in IMHO) and all–Otto says that Tim Curry has never publicly stated he is gay–does that mean he canot be counted among gay celebs? What about Jodi Foster? She’s gay, everyone on the planet knows she’s gay, yet she still has the closet door tightly shut. Does that mean we may not refer to her as a lesbian?

Didn’t Curry used to date that lady from Designing Women?
I was sure I’d read that.

There’s a difference between “knowing” and knowing. I do not know that Jodie Foster is gay. I may presume, I may believe in my heart of hearts, but there is no factual evidence whatsoever upon which I may state, categorically and without any fear of contradiction that Jodie Foster – or Tim Curry, Kevin Spacey, David Hyde Pierce, Mike Piazza, etc. ad infinitum – is gay in the way that I can say that gobear is gay, Ian McKellan is gay or Ellen is gay.

Why can’t we respect – even while wanting desperately for gay celebrities to be out and use their visibility to help advocate on behalf of gay rights – people’s choices about being out?

I’ve been a fan of John Waters since long ago, and just last year I found out he was gay.
Why would I think he was anyway?
His weirdness is what I like, and indentify with.