What celebrity do I look like to you??

What famous people do Dopers remind you of?

What image/s pop into your head when you see someones’ username? It could relate strictly to the username and/or the onboard persona the Doper exudes.

I`m interested mostly in relating usernames to celebrity faces so you have something to visualize when you think of that Doper.

I`ll give some examples after a couple of you post to this thread, but I have a lot of them, I have a tendency to do this.

You look kinda like a cross between Lyle Lovitt and Tattoo from “Fantasy Island” to me.

Try wrapping you mind around that!

I’m having images of Gatopescado looking like the Cat in the Hat.

Must be his UN screwing with my head.

Wrong, Tom Cruise. Well, Tom Hanks maybe.

And you remind me of a fat Chico Marx for some reason.

World Eater reminds me of Atlas holding the globe on his shoulders, ready to shove it into his mouth.

Come on people, I can`t be the only one who thinks of a celebrity when I see someones’ username…
another example,
Mangetout - Burt Reynolds. (no offense)

manhattan - Dudley Moore. (I have no idea)

Vanilla - Vanilla Ice. (of course)

I think Steve Wright looks like … nah, that’s too easy!

Well another 396 years at the gym, and that might be accurate. :smiley:

I can’t even begin to fathom what “whuckfistle” means or reminds me of.


racer72 - speed racer.

Spiff - Biff, from Back to the Future.