What channel do you have on your TV at this moment.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Canada’s War in Colour - a documentary about Canada’s involvement in WW II - using all colour footage… Part III… Totally fascinating…

Fox and M.A.S.H is on right now.

SPACE (canadian sci-fi channel) is my default setting.

Turner Classic Movies and the History Channel. The 3rd set in the living roolm is not on right now.

Channel 3, for receiving input from my video game systems (PS2 or Gamecube if I used it last, most likely N64 if my little brother did).

ABC affilliate. It is Wednesday night and time for my double dose of J.J. Abrams programs.

The Weather Channel. It’s going to get above freezing… when?

oh. next week sometime.


Bravo. Project Runway. Jay just said, “This bleeping project sucks my bleephole inside out!”

I think I love him a little bit.

TLC. I was watching “While You Were Out”.

I’m at work right now and to tell the truth, I’m not sure what I would have on if I were home.

As a TiVo owner going on almost three years now, I watch shows, not channels. In fact I have no idea what channel most of the shows I watch are even broadcast on!