What Charlie Parker tune is quoted at the end of "Parker's Band"?

On Parker’s Band, on Steely Dan’s Pretzel Logic, the song ends with four measures that are the beginning of a Charlie Parker tune. I remember hearing the entire tune in the vague and distant past; it’s a 12-bar blues form. But I can’t remember the name. I have gone through lists of Parker tunes but can’t find it.

Anyone happen to know?

Rolling Stone says it was from Parker’s “Bongo Bop”: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/steely-dan-comes-up-swinging-19740815

Thanks for the article! But I listened to four versions of Bongo Bop on YouTube and they are all the same tune and none of them match the ending to Parker’s Band. If that tune is quoted, it’s not at the ending. If I get time I will record myself playing the full head and link that.

I just got the answer last night. Rolling Stone was close.

The tune is Bongo Beep. Bongo Bop is an entirely different Parker tune.

Apparently the Stoned writers were taking too many hits off the bong-o.