What color was this car?

I saw a Camry hybrid in the parking lot, it looked very new, and it was the most beautiful pale pearly green. Does anyone know what that shade of green is called? I tried looking it up, got nowhere.

Maybe Jasper Green Pearl:


Toyota sell a 2018 camry in Galactic Aqua Mica . Which definitely looks a bit green.

There’s nothing new under the sun though. Mica just means it looks pearlised.

That’s a 2007. My wife has that same car (model, year, color). It is not as breathtaking as what seems to be described in the OP.

Here are all the 2018 colors, and Galactic Aqua Mica would be my best guess, though none of these looks “pale green” to me.

Coulda been a custom paint job.

That looks like it, thank you. Jasper Green Pearl.

I’m sorry you don’t find it as “breathtaking” as I do.

I wouldn’t use the word “breathtaking” to describe it just because I wouldn’t really use that word to describe anything at all, but I do think the color is eye-catching. I don’t see many cars with that shade of green.

And here I thought the guesses would be black and blue or white and gold.

Jean Shepherd had a name for that color in one of his stories (from “Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories and Other Disasters”):

“The Olds was our only hope. It was a large, hulking four-door sedan of a peculiar faded green color that the old man always called “goat-vomit green.”

Nothing personal. Your post said “very new” and that color is older–I haven’t found one later than a 2009 in that color–so I didn’t think that could be it. I have one and I would have described it as just light green so I was looking for something in current models that was a more dramatic green.

I came here to make that (admittedly lame) joke, but at the risk of a further hijack, the image here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress#/media/File:Wikipe-tan_wearing_The_Dress_reduced.svg) from your link is the best visualization of the “illusion” I’ve ever seen.

Galactic Aqua Mica is a very dark teal color, and the color of my car. No one can actually tell what color it is, and I usually call it “indeterminable dark color” myself.