What is your favorite car color?

My new Mazda 3 is black. I like it, but I have this lingering thought I might have liked another color better…though I LOVE the rest of the car.

It looks like this

Black is a total PITA to wash and make presentable, IME. I like medium-darkish grey.

British Racing Green

Red is very, very, cool and no problem to wash. Black shows everything, as does white. Deep blue is wonderful.

I hate those dark green cars from the late 90’s. I bought one used and wish it was a different color.

Mine is black, in theory at least :smiley:
But yes, it’s a pita to keep looking clean and if you live somewhere where heat is an issue much of year, which I don’t currently, but used to, it makes a huge difference.

I like a deep forest or hunter green. Or silver/other metallic. I ended up with a silver vehicle, a PT Crusier, and while I had my heart set on black at first, I am so glad I didn’t get my wish. I really like the silver…looks good and easy to keep clean (looking;))

Not to hyjack anything, but what’s up with these morons who drive around in asphalt colored cars in the fog/gray weather at dawn or dusk with no lights on? :smack:

Forest green. That is all. Easiest question I’ve ever fielded on the SDMB! Joy!

Anything bright: Yellow, red, blue. A well-kept white looks very clean, too.

I dislike black, beige or silver/grey; bo-ring.

The new Toyota Camrys have this divine sky-blue colour that I adore.
This pic truly doesn’t do it justice.

I’m in the dark, hunter, British Racing Green crowd.

Pollen and dirt. I’ll probably be adding a touch of road salt soon.

British Racing Green is nicer than black or beige, and it’s what my sensible side prefers, but when I’m feeling playful I’m drawn to metallic robin’s egg blue or cobalt. It would be fun to have a cobalt Cobalt. For about 20 minutes.

Someday I’m going to own a car that’s a deep metallic red because that’s my favorite. Not flat, but a shiny metallic.

Only on a British car, please. I’ll take my German cars in silver (or white), Italian red, and French blue.

I’ve owned four cars - they’ve all been either white or tan. Tan is good for not having to clean often. I DO like a nice blue, though.

I like blue. I really like that purplish blue that Neons used to come in.

I also like silver and gold, but I can’t have a silver car. Any time I have a silver rental car, I keep losing it in parking lots- it’s just too common a color.

My first car was teal. My current car is dark blue.

Ooooh! I like that color.

Bright silver with black interior.

For some cars, canary yellow is nice, or lipstick red.

Candy metalflake purple (w/gold pinstriping).

Saturn’s old blue-green.

I like a metallic blue on sports cars.

One color I never thought I’d go for, but which turned out to be really purty was the Cadillac Copper Sunrise color the first year CTS had. I’m so not an orange person, but it was really stunning.

I want to paint my big white van in White Diamond and I’m toying with painting lavender/light metallic blue ghost flames down the side–it’s a retro van thing…

I’m extremely partial to the Corvette Electron Blue as well–it’s gorgeous.

I’m toying with painting my Cavalier Z24* in this color. Yeah, I’m weird…

*not my actual car, but very similar. I have better wheels… :wink: