What cool stuff can I do with my Ipod Touch?

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After deciding I needed a music player with more capacity than my 1gb Creative MuVo (which is really cool for what it does), I decided to look into a new mp3 player. A few weeks ago someone showed me their iphone and although I generally hate Apple, I had to admit it was a really cool gadget. I’m locked into a T-mobile contract though and I wasn’t sure I wanted to get an old gen unlocked one and increase my phone bill by $20-30 a month so I went with the Ipod Touch, which can run iphone software and has most of the same features.

I got a crazy good deal ($200 for the 16gb model with a case and fm transmitter) off craigslist. The original owner jailbroke it and put in the installer app. So it’s jailbroken, but I’m not very familiar with third party apps and tweaking yet.

I want to buy the update package (mail, google maps, etc) but I can’t figure out where in itunes go go about doing that.

I grabbed videora - a free mp4/h264 converter - and started converting some videos. I just used the easy/wizard method, but I notice it didn’t change the resolution of the video, which in this case was 624x352. Should I use something else to re-encode the videos at a lower resolution since the screen is only 480x320? What resolution should I use to preserve the correct aspect ratio?

Is there any third party way to avoid using I-tunes and preferably load the player with some sort of drag-drop method? While the ipod itself only has one thing that irritates me so far, Itunes has about 20.

That thing, by the way, is the need to slider unlock it every time you turn the screen off. Is there any way to shut that off? I tend to need to pause and unpause music frequently. I don’t want to leave the screen running all the time draining power, but now every time I want to pause it I need to hit the home button, drag the slider, then hit pause.

If I start buying music on Itunes, am I locked into using Apple mp3 players and Itunes as a music player on my PC?

Are there any national chains or otherwise common stores that generally have free wifi hotspots?

Are the apps available through the “installer” program all the third party apps available, or are there other sources?

I notice some programs - an offline wikipedia reader for example - tell you to stick data files in certain directories. How do you go about directly transferring data from the PC to the ipod like that?

What are the cool third party programs you recommend?

What podcasts do you guys like? Especially video podcasts. I like educational stuff - discovery channel, national geographic, etc. News is good. And I listen/read NFL news/discussion all year round.

I’ve heard complaints about the sound quality, especially that the Apple EQ will distort music severely if your music doesn’t have any dynamic range headroom. Has anyone done any sort of audio level normalization to be able to use the EQ?

Any general advice about getting the most out of the new gadget would be appreciated.

I’m gonna skip most of your questions, but good things are coming to the iPod Touch this Friday (July 11th). It’s the 2.0 upgrade for both the phone and the iPod. Although, I think you might have to shell out a few bucks for the upgrade if you have the Touch.

What it will do is get you access to the App Store, which is a place where you can download a BUNCH of native, 3rd party apps and games for your Touch.

Check it out.

Double click the home button instead of single clicking it. This will give you access to volume, pause/play, and FF.

WOW, I love you for that.

OMG ditto. This just made my day.

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Wow. I’ve had my Touch for 6 months and I never knew that.

My favorite 3rd party iPod Touch application is TextReader. It turns it into a eBook reader - I can get text files from Project Guttenberg and have a Kindle without having to pay a dime to read classic books. It has selectable fonts and sizes and can load in much bigger documents than Safari, and unlike that miserable browser, doesn’t randomly clear out documents when you happen to leave Wi-Fi contact.

I have a few simple games for time wasting: iZoo (Bejeweled clone), FiveDice (Yahtzee clone) and Mahjong.

To get them, you will probably have to add http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml to your Installer sources.

I wanna know how the ‘find me on the map’ feature works on the iPod Touch…seeing as how it’s supposed to use cell phone towers to triangulate your location. Is it closer to being an iPhone than you’d think?

There’s probably a database of IPs for known wifi hotspots which could pin you to within a general area.

I know for a fact that the only wifi station in range isn’t on any database. :wink:

Well, I’d like to report how cool the App Store is, but I can’t seem to buy it. When I click “update”, it gives me an option to “learn more”, which takes me back to the update page…

Anyone else using it?

It was doing that for me, until just recently when it decided that 1.1.4 was the current version of the software. Annoying. I went ahead and downloaded the apps I wanted, but I can’t use them until I buy 2.0.

I am also glad I didn’t bother paying $20 for the software upgrade earlier this year, because apparently that’s all included in 2.0 for $9.99.

Does upgrading the firmware disable your jailbreak and delete any apps you already have installed?

I have no doubt that there was be underground repositories with a jailbroken upgrade to 2.0 soon enough. Sorry, but DMCA or no DMCA, my iPod Touch is mine. No portion of the price was underwritten by AT&T, and I view their locking of it’s operating system akin to telling me I can’t install Linux on my Sony laptop. If a “legit” 2.0 upgrade involves locking the system back up so I can’t install useful apps on it…well, hoist the Jolly Roger!

So the Touch 2.0 firmware update was finally available. I buy it, it downloads, starts installing… and… Ambiguous Error #14912451 occurs. My Ipod is bricked. I restart iTunes, it says it needs to restore the Ipod, and that all my data would be lost. Fine, whatever. Hit restore. Fails. Ipod is bricked. Tried again. Failed. Rebooted Ipod. Failed. Rebooted computer. Failed. Tried one more time with nothing changed… success.

Not sure if it’ll work. It’s restoring all the data on there and I’m too tired to wait for it to finish. Be cautious when you try to upgrade it.