What could cause an eye to continually twitch?

I am not asking for or looking for medical advice.
I’m just wondering about a simple thing that has been going on for the last two days and looking if someone would have a possible explaination or reason for it.

Ever have your eye twitch before? I’d think it was a fairly common occurence… You’re just sitting there and suddenly you can feel it throbbing a little and see your vision move to the beat of it. Your eye is twitching. It doesn’t hurt at all, it just feels kinda weird. Usually it lasts for a few twitches/seconds and stops.
Mine started yesterday. It’s just doing the regular, standard twitching. Only it’s still doing it today. It hasn’t stopped. It will stop anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, but then will start twitching again. I’ve never had an eye twitch last this long.

What could be a factor? I thought it was because I was just tired last night (beause it started nearing the evening), but then, when I woke up today fully rested, it started again shortly after being up.
And now, all morning so far, it’s been twitching regularly. It doesn’t hurt…it’s just starting to really get annoying.
Anyone know factors that could cause an eye to twitch for that long and regular of a period?

I get a persistent eye twitch when my allergies get bad, sometimes lasting (off and on) for days. Stress and high blood pressure could also be a cause.

There is a name for what is essentially an idiopathic, benign twitch, which it seems you have. I get them too, and sometimes they will pop up intermittently for several days, and then quit for a while.

IIRC from whatever I read about on eye twitches, they are sometimes related to stress and/or lack of sleep.

My eye twitches were also the result of allergies. If you look at your sinuses, they are all over the front of your face, including around your eyes.

You could try a decongestant and see if that helps.

I’ve also had it happen randomly for a couple days, then go away. No idea why.

Fasciculation has a number of causes, most of which are benign. Wikipedia provides a list.

I work in ophthalmology, and generally the explanations given are stress, too much caffeine, lack of sleep. The other explanations in this thread sound fine too. (IANAD/N.)

And no, there really isn’t a medication to take unless you do find it seems to be an allergy-related thing. (I was told to take a vacation, get more sleep, reduce stress, cut out caffeine, and/or suck it up.)

I’ve always heard that it’s caused by a lack of Potassium… but I have no citations to back that up. So, go eat a Banana and see if that helps. At least it couldn’t hurt right? :slight_smile:

When my eye starts twitching, I know it’s time to work on stress reduction - mine are always stress-related.

It can be associated with magnesium deficiency (not potassium), which is sometimes a symptom of stress. Good Mg sources are found in nuts and dried fruit.

Mine often start twitching when I am stressed and not getting enough sleep, which ususally go hand in hand. If you have gotten behind in your sleep, one good night’s sleep may not be enough.

Thank you for the answers everyone, I’m glad to hear it’s probably something minor and easily fixable. I have been under a bit more stress than usual the last three days so that’s probably a huge factor.

My girlfriend tells me there is a Chinese wive’s tale that claims its due to an imminent visit by a relative or close friend.

Chief Inspector Dreyfus would concur.

Citation? (just 'cause I’m curious :smiley: )

Mine are almost always stress and eye-strain related. I find the best solution is to pack a nice wad of tissue behind my eye patch so that my eye is held shut, allowing the muscles to rest.

Mine’s still twitching regularly by the way…I’m considering doing the eyepatch thing.

(Seelig 1994)

Bear in mind that only about a third of the US is estimated to meet their magnesium dietary reference intake anyway (cite).

(Schreiber et al. 2005).

Obviously Mg supplements should only be considered in cases where hypomagnesemia has been identified, IANAD, etc. etc.