What could stop the pending Disney marriage to Fox from going through?

-If just 1 foreign regulator says “no” to the Disney Empire’s plant to buy-out most of the Fox Empire, will that bar Disney from conducting the deal in that country or does it shut down the entire planned buy-out?

-Let’s say all remaining regulators do say “yes” (without or without conditions). Is there anything that could still stop the buy-out from going through?

-Could this lawsuit be a key to stopping the marriage: latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-fox-disney-malaysia-lawsuit-20181126-story.html?

We need more big Amer. media company competitions and because Disney owns too much. Please give me something that I can hope for, even though it likely this pending marriage will go through. There has to be something that could stop this big marriage from taking place and the result is that 21st Century Fox stays how it is (debt and all). Thus, the new planned Fox company is aborted.

Note: possible things that could stop the marriage from going through could be that it was revealed that Disney did some bribery with the USDOJ and those foreign regulators. Perhaps there is some monopoly statute in the Constitution the USDOJ overlooked that Disney violated.

A poisoned Apple?

Disney finds out Fox is pregnant with Time-Warner’s baby.

Joking aside, almost nothing now.

Since the Chinese government gave its OK to the merger there’s really nothing of consequence standing in their way.

It won’t be due to monopolistic concerns. That ship has sailed. Yes, in theory it could be held up by some sort of smoking gun evidence about bribery or something. Or, I suppose, Trump could try to hold it up via executive order because Disney doesn’t like him or something.

Otherwise, this is happening.