What crimes has Trump been accused of

I saw a list once but can’t find it, plus the list is constantly growing anyway.

I’d prefer to separate the list into 2 separate sections.

  1. Violations of criminal law
  2. Impeachable offenses

I know hes been accused of tax fraud, insurance fraud, campaign finance violations, sexual assaults, obstruction of justice, etc. for point 1. But I don’t know the details of some of them.

Technically there is a 3rd category.

  1. civil matters

But that one would be gigantic and I’m more interested in what criminal laws he has been accused of breaking both before and during his presidency.

A quick DuckDuckGo search for “list of trump crimes” turns up a multitude of hits. The very first cite looks quite comprehensive and current.

Covers incidents from Feb. 2011 through Oct. 7, 2020, all categorized into several types of events marked with color-coded dots. Lists 923 “atrocities”.