What currently closed businesses or places could be allowed to reopen (with restrictions)?

InMissouri they are preparing to allow some businesses to reopen.

I cannot find a link to share it but on a morning radio talk show KCMO Mayor said while his city is extending the lockdown another 2 weeks, he is willing to start allowing some businesses to reopen provided they follow rules. Ex. being tattoo parlors and museums.

I think that if we allow WalMart to stay open, why not museums?

Tattoo parlors are another good example. The employees already wear masks and gloves and could require patrons to do the same. Be appointment only so no people in a waiting room. Hair salons could do the same.

The whole idea is to find a way to allow a business to come up with a way to operate safely.

So what businesses do you think could open as long as they have precautions in place?

Do you think that non-medical masks offer a safe degree of protection? Because the experts are pretty clear that they don’t.

I own a lawncare business. Michigan’s governor allowed us to go back to work today. This should probably be an across-the-nation exemption. We largely work alone, or can adjust our work to keep it safe.

Any business or site may re-open - doesn’t mean I’ll go inside. Morons can gather wherever. I’ll keep my distance. And I bet many many cautious folks won’t be eager to expose themselves to contagion. Watch the morons drop.

Museums don’t have groceries and hardware that you need like Walmart does.

There was never any good reason to close beaches. People try to self-isolate on beaches. The beach & ocean environs are hostile to viruses.

All with that attitude are very highly welcome. Makes us morons just a tiny bit – and I do mean tiny – less exposed.

The problem with masks and gloves, and the reason there’s been so much conflicting information, is that they actually make the problem worse if you aren’t trained and equipped to use them.

If you have 1 pair of gloves, and you wear them all day, you’re protecting yourself just fine, but you’re cross-contaminating every single thing you touch all day long because you never wash your hands. Similar deal with a mask, if you wear it all day long (or worse, multiple days), you’re accumulating contaminants that will probably end up on your hands when you de-mask, or in your lungs when you overload the mask.

Most people aren’t sitting on a stockpile of gloves and masks they can don and doff every 30 minutes. I can’t even find any to buy for myself. Most people aren’t trained in protocols to know when they need to rotate their PPE.

That’s why the initial advice was to NOT wear masks… because they’re not so great for protecting the wearer. They protect others from the mask-wearer. If someone knows they’re infected, they shouldn’t be wearing a mask, they should be staying the hell at home. The mask guidance changed once it became clear how many people might have the virus without knowing it, so in the midst of allergy season, people should just assume they have it while going about their daily business. You wear a mask to catch that giant sneeze that comes on while your hands are full carrying a box of kumquats down the produce aisle and you can’t cover your mouth.

Needless to say, all this explains why the re-opening is mostly a terrible idea. People don’t have the supplies or training to use gloves/masks properly. The best prevention is still for people to stay away from each other.

I keep seeing tattoo parlors as a business that’s being allowed to reopen – first in Georgia, now in Missouri. If pressed, I’m not sure if I could come up with a business less necessary than a tattoo parlor. And, it’s impossible to operate from more than six feet away! You’re going to be right next to someone, so any effect that non-medical masks have in stopping your exhalations from flying around will be useless from six inches away.

I don’t even know where the nearest tattoo parlor is. Many towns around here have nail salons and hair salons – these would seem to be more critical than a tattoo parlor since (1) most towns have at least one and (2) your nails and hair are constantly growing and need more frequent care.

Can someone please explain why tattoo parlors are being reopened? I’m really at a loss. Who has to get an emergency tattoo?

And, OP, are you seriously asking why Walmart and not museums? I guess you’re a real art lover if you get necessary services from a museum. And, regarding tattoo parlors and museums, I would open museums first – it’s easy to keep attendance down, require masks, and require social distancing. That distancing is impossible with a tattoo place.

Texas has extended curbside pickup to virtually all retail, which seems reasonable to me. While you might have a handful of employees in a store at the same time, they have to wear masks, stay six feet apart, and be screened. Stuff goes straight in your trunk, you never get out of the car.

My 90 year old mother has developed some sores on the insides of her ankles from circulation problems. I took her to a wound clinic (for the second time) yesterday.

Dressing changes, examination, measurements. (which are also done by at home nursing care as well) and such.

EVERY time after they had touched my mother and had to enter something in the computer, the gloves came off and disposed of, hands sanitized and then they would input information. Then new gloves. One of the three doctors/NP’s that saw mom must have changed her gloves 12 times. (she should really have had an assistant to enter information, but am sure they are short staffed).

I would imagine just about any retail should be allowed to open, w/ precautions such as masks and distancing. Hell, you can get just about anything you want from Home Depot and Meijer’s - which are allowed to stay open just because they sell SOME items that are deemed “essential.” If I can go into Meijer’s to buy a shirt, why can’t I go into a store at the local mall?

I think this discussion likely will highlight a divide between those who think that since SOME precautions are obviously sensible, we ought to pursue ALL possible precautions, as opposed to those who favor a more tailored approach, aimed at eliminating the greatest potential danger to the greatest number of people.

Personally, I think the whole “essential” term a misnomer. Essential to whom? Individuals? Individual businesses and their employees? The economy? As a brightline - I consider it problematic. Instead, I’d suggest designating industries/businesses that can be practiced reasonably safely. For example, construction can proceed - NOT because it is essential (really - why do they NEED to build the addition to the local school right now?), but because it can be practiced safely: outside; w/ workers 6’ from each other; wearing masks when needed…

Well, remember. This isnt like some other diseases where you get it then keel over and die a day later. Most people have mild symptoms if at all.

And that brings up a good point in practicing self quarantine if you feel it necessary. Like if say your over 70 or have many of the underlying ailments like heart disease or diabetes which have been linked to this.

I (mostly in jest) propose that when people get ill and seek medical treatment, triage be based on a review of their cellphone location tracker. Those who have travelled the least get priority, while folk who have been out and about go to the back of the line! :wink:

The reasons tattoo parlors and museums should reopen is because people work there and get paid. They have to pay their bills and the store where the parlor is needs their rent check. If they are closed then no money.

Missouri will also be reopening hair and nail salons.

BTW, nobody is forcing you or anyone else to go get a tattoo or visit a museum. Nor is anyone requiring employees to work there.

Dinsdale, I think the issue is that tailored approaches require information. They were saying “probably droplet transmission only” until a few weeks ago, for example, but now aresolozed transmission seems quite possible. That fact really changes how you tailor things. We don’t have adequate testing to identify carriers. We don’t know how many people walking around today already are incubating a disease that will put them in the ICU in mid-May, and leave them there 14 days.

When you have good information, you can tailor your response. For example, if when I spent money, I never got a receipt and I couldn’t check my bank balance, I’d take a much less tailored approach to my spending/saving than I do when I have perfect information about my finances. And I’d probably end up saving way more than I really needed to. But that’s the nature of imperfect information.

Now, as more information comes in, we can hopefully tailor our response more and more. If we’d invested in tests and research in January, we might have been able to have a tailored response from say one. But if wishes were horses . . .

That’s not how triage works. From what your saying is if a person has a heart attack then… well sorry… your obese… you ate that triple cheeseburger last night… you dont get treated.

Now lets say a person shows up at an ER with obvious symptoms. Well I first hope they can be tested to find out if they are positive or not. Then they get say inpatient or outpatient care or even get into an ICU based on medical need.

Sure they are. If your boss declares your hair salon is open for business, and you say “no way I’m coming in”, you’re getting fired. And you’re not getting unemployment benefits, because you were fired for cause, not laid off.

Early reopening allows employers essentially to put a gun to people’s heads, threatening to break isolation and risk infection, or get fired and not put food on the table.

For the past 2 weeks, every day we’ve had a number of deaths close to what we had on 9/11. To fight that, we paid $4 trillion for an 18-year war and we still remove our shoes at airport security.

Now imagine that the twin towers fell down every single day for the past 2 weeks. That’s the scale of death that’s been going on for almost 3 weeks now, and will continue at least through the summer.

I get that it breaks Republicans’ brains to think of someone getting paid to sit home not working, but that’s exactly the right thing to do right now. We can afford to pay beauticians to stay home a couple of months and not be spreading viruses.

No shit?? It never occurred to me that no one is forcing me to go. That really opened my eyes! People work at those places, too?? I had no idea. Thanks!

Luckily, no one works at clothing stores, jewelry stores, music stores, electronics stores, etc., etc. Thank god those industries were people free! Plus, it’s obvious that people need tattoos more than clothing or electronics, that’s for sure! And, it’s definitely easier to keep your distance when getting a tattoo than it is when shopping for, say, jewelry. Why, the last time I bought some earrings for my wife, it was important that the salesperson stayed within six inches of me at all times and put her hands on me while showing me what’s there.

Personally, I’m not sure I have a problem with that. Of course, it would never be applied.

I understand that. But that “possible” is a HUGE issue. I’m not sure I agree to “extreme” measure to eliminate ALL POSSIBLE risks. I accept that many people - including myself and my loved ones - may die - no matter what actions are taken. Personally, I assume I would accept a higher risk than many.

This touches on one aspect of modern society and attitudes to health care. Many people act as tho NO ONE ought to die, until every possible effort/expense has been taken to prolong that life. I disagree. Some people are just unfortunate re: health. My focus is pretty utilitarian. I think most peoples’ view actually IS utilitarian, they just disagree as to where they place their limits.

So, once we accept that hundreds of thousands/millions are going to die from this thing, can we debate what steps will move that number how far one way or the other?

Reminds me of our over-response to 9/11. IMO, we did more harm to ourselves in our response, than the attacks themselves. And we could have eliminated nearly all threats by strengthening cockpit doors and other steps short of what we experience today. No, we shouldn’t WISH to lose airplanes regularly, but if a terrorist takes down a plane once in a great while - well, that is a cost to be weighed. Those travelers’ lives are not of infinite value.

It is obvious that most of society disagrees with such views, and many people characterize me as a “monster” for having them. Which is fine w/ me.

And RitterSport - I know which stores YOU want to open! :wink: