What custom CDs does your radio station create?

Here in DC, our local (mildly) alternative rock station, WHFS, puts together a CD at random intervals called ‘Just Passin’ Through’, which they sell for $9.91 (they’re at 99.1 FM) and the proceeds go to a local food bank.

They have a show of the same name that artists that play in town perform on, and some of the recordings from the show wind up on the discs. The third ‘Just Passin’ Through’ just came out; has stuff like ‘Inside Out’ by Eve6, Korn’s ‘Freak on a Leash’, ‘Better Days’ by Citizen King, and several other tracks. (Find out the rest here, if you’re interested.

My officemate mentioned that, when he was in Indiana, the DJs that had the big morning show there put excerpts of their funniest shows on a benefit CD.

So, what sorts of CDs do your local stations come up with? If a couple of stations are doing this sort of thing, I assume a lot more are, too.

When I lived down in Tampa, two of the big morning shows were always cranking out CDs of their material. There was MJ & BJ on one station – they were the nice, pleasant idiots. Bubba the Love Sponge was on another station – he was the crude, ignorant idiot. Their CDs all evidently sold really well, although I don’t understand what sort of replay value they would have. Recorded bits of skits they did on their radio shows? How often can you listen to that?

WRCK 107.3 out of Utica NY did one just prior to Christmas. It included highlights of their morning show, Keelor in the morning, and the cover was “breast prints” (the name is self explanatory, think bare breasts covered in paint and smudged on paper, each one unique).

The good one though was WEQX 102.7 out of Manchester VT who put out a CD of alternative acts who had done live on air tracks for the station prior to playing local concerts. I’m not sure but I don’t think those were even for sale, I think you had to win them.

Probably not often, unless they were really, really funny. Most comic deejays’ bits are in the funny-once range, for the most part, so I can’t see the incentive.

I’ve got to say I’m glad my local station does music-sampler CDs rather than deejay skits.

Not to mention, sometimes a group is a one-hit wonder, and if that song is on a collection like WHFS puts out, then I can get it without buying a whole album of stuff I don’t want just to get that one song. Several songs off their last two collections have been those sorts of songs.

I don’t know about our radio station, but my webzine is coming out with a CD, here in a month or so, it’s called “Ass Factory- Neurodisco.” The first 5 people to respond to this post using the word ASS, get a free copy. Have fun! Make sure your E-Mail is turned on though, so I can get your information, thanks!

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In Greenville, SC, one of the radio station jackass morning DJ couples put out a CD for Christmas, mainly on the popularlity of one prank. One of the guys drove blindfolded through morning rush hour traffic as a tribute to Ray Charles. He got arrested,a dn was mentioned in Esquire’s “Dubious Achievement Awards” for that year.