morning radio shows

I don’t get them… at all. I mean, when I’m on my way to work in the morning, the last thing want to listen to is some guy who was too lame for stand up comedy yammer on ceaslessly and laugh at his own not-too-funny jokes (actually it’s usually two people: inanity squared).

People obviously listen to this shit (ever try to find a station without a morning show), but my question is why?

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Yes, definitely a problem.

Fortunately one of the local alternative stations went to an all request format from 6-10am. Best thing that station ever did in my opinion.

My favorite station WEQX (Real player has it as a default preset under alternative) plays mostly music with the rare interview of an author etc. Unfortunately I can’t get it in on the radio if I’m in the surrounding valleys so if I’m in the truck driving it’s hard to get a good signal. The price of living in the boonies I guess.

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I can’t stand most morning radio shows. The DJs seem to laugh a little bit too hard at their stupid jokes, I guess to convince their audience that they are actually funny.

I do listen to a morning show “Radio From Hell” on a local alternative station. These guys pride themselves in not being silly and goofy like other morning shows. They are funny without being dumb.

Check them out if you’ld like, you can hear them on the internet.

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Ah! I hate that. None of the alternative rock format stations in Dallas will just play music.

Listen up, DJs! I don’t want to hear your lame ass sexual innuendos. I can make better jokes than that in my sleep! I hate your sexist, racist, lookist “humor”. I hate your small talk. Just play the friggin music and SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

(Or should this go in the Pit?)

Have to agree that for the most part, FM radio shows suck. Every now and then, KROQ 106.7 will have a studio guest worth listening to, and at least they plays music mixed in with the yammering. Star 98.7 just has the really, REALLY annoying Jaime and Danny, with no merciful music breaks, and I haven’t listened to that station in the morning since they changed morning formats as a result.

BUT…I am a John and Ken fan (from the AM stations). They are not DJs, and that’s probably why they’re so much more appealing. They’re cynical, intelligent, pretty much find all politics corrupt, direct, thought provoking, and sometimes amusing. It’s the only AM radio show I listen to, nonetheless enjoy. They used to be on in the afternoons; not sure if I like them in the morning or not. But I do love JOhn and Ken. :slight_smile:

The depressing part is that the morning “ride” shows have inane DJ’s and moronic humor because…TA DAH!..demographics say that is the format that supports the station.

Scary as hell, isn’t it?

I just can’t listen in the mornings. It’s boring, STUPID, and pointless.

The only morning show I ever flat-out loved was Larry Lujack in Chicago. HIs "clunk letter of the day’ and “animal stories” are still laugh-out-loud hilarious. The exchanges between Uncle Lar and soundman Little Tommy were pointed, very irreverent, and funnier than shit.

I don’t know when or why radio, especially in the competitive morning slots, became so stupid.

Nostalgic for Johnny Fever,

Howard Stern rules.

If I am up that early, and I get start my day off with a laugh, I’m happy.

I have CDs if I wanna hear music, after all!

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I gave up on morning shows a long time ago. These days my morning radio listening is limited to NPR’s “Morning Edition”. It’s informative, intelligent, and when appropriate, funny.


I love Rocky Allen and Blaine Ensley, currently on WABC-770 AM in NYC. (I got hooked on them when they were in the afternoon on WPLJ-95.5 FM here.) They have some hilarious sketches (Phlegm and Shecky, and my absolute favorite, Dick Trouser and his Mom) and very off-beat contest ideas (underwater Elvis).

I’m pretty sure their show isn’t syndicated, but I do believe he’s worked elsewhere (I’m pretty sure Buffalo, at least) before coming to NYC.

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Stern is funny as long as he isn’t busy gloating about himself. When he does, I go to The Most Rock In The Morning on 101.1 WJRR. (WJRR is the best rock station in the US. Check 'em out @


The “Don & Mike Show” (syndicated by the same group as Howard Stern) started out as a lame morning show. Now it’s a lame syndicated show.

The last time I listened to them, they were calling the members of Genesis (or maybe just Phil Collins) at their hotel the morning before their show at RFK Stadium. Collins was getting very pissed.

So pissed, that he kicked all the WAVA personnel out of the stadium before the show. But he waited until they’d set up their “boom box” balloon/DJ stand.

I like the morning show I listen to, the Bill Prescott show on 94.7 KNRK, Portland, OR. It’s not syndicated, but you can listen on the web (if you’re in to that sort of thing). Their web site is at

Why am I giving them a free plug? Well, I do like Prescott. But I especially like his co-host Daria. She’s probably the funniest, smartest female DJ (if not the smartest DJ, period) that I’ve ever heard.

Try them for a week, and if you don’t agree, I’ll give you double your money back. I guar-own-tee.

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