What day of the week is it, you ask? It's Flurbsday!

You ever have one of those weeks where by Tuesday it’s already been a hell of a week and by Wednesday you can’t believe it isn’t next week already and it feels like a goddamned month since the last weekend, Jesus Christ there’s so much work to do? One of those days where you realize you need to take a week off just to get all your shit together in your personal life because the place is a goddamned mess and the car needs this and that and there’s the taxes and shit but you can’t take time off 'cause your goddamned boss is a major league slapnad and if you did take a week off it’d just mean another 200 goddamn hours of work on top of the shitpile you’ve got now and fuuuuuck, you just now remember that you didn’t make that appointment with the dentist and there’s that other thing you need to do and Christ the thing with the guy and holy shit how is it not Friday already?

That’s because sometimes they slip extra days into the work week just to make it longer and more horrible. That day, ladies and gentlemen, is Flurbsday. Today is Flurbsday. Welcome to hell.

I happen to have vacation scheduled for next week. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve had time off work, and I don’t care that the weather sucks.
For all of the reasons you stated, and then some, I’m taking a breather.
Rant supported.

Oh hell, yes. I had someone ask me a question today about something that happened on Monday, and it felt like she was asking me about something from weeks ago, so much has happened this week.

Please can it be the weekend now?

Oh fuck yes. It took me two hours to get to work on Tuesday and an hour and a half to get home. An hour and a half to get to work on Wednesday. So today I have to work an extra hour to make up for what I missed. If I get caught in another blizzard/traffic hangup tomorrow it will be a 12-hour day. My husband is on yet another business trip and it will never stop snowing.

Oh God, yes. Except when it IS the weekend I will have to grade 42 freshman comp essays, so I don’t even want it to be the weekend.

I thought we moved to an all-Flurbsday calendar like six years ago.

No, that was two days ago. You’ve had such a crappy coupla days it just FEELS like six years ago.

Goodbye, Ruby Flurbsday,
Who can hang a name on you?

Oh Gawd, yes. The last couple weeks have made me want to sell all my stuff and move to Tahiti. If I end up needing money eventually I’ll just open a T-shirt stand on the beach.

Somehow the earth position in orbit isn’t affected by all of these Flurbsdays. I think its because SatunDay (between Friday and Monday) can become incredibly compressed to the point that sometimes, you actually sleep through most of it.

Flurbsday sounds like a day of the week on Futurama.

That’s all I have to contribute. Carry on.

Nope, nope I don’t see it. Work 5-6 hours per day but paid as if I worked twelve (I love union jobs), work 5 days and off 2 or work 6 and off 3, weather’s been lovely, just got a new car and apartment, met an awesome woman at a St Patrick’s Day soiree, and for the cherry on top, I get a windfall from taxes. Come on in, the water is fine. That’s all.

It’s been Flurbsday for the last four years - but only for five more weeks!

Wow, I’m honored.

So today is all your fault?

“The ancient Mayans prophesied Fribsday–the first ever eighth day of the week which will occur in 2024. Which the company believes should be celebrated casually. I’m going to wear a denim pantsuit.”

Ladies and gentlemen, line up to have your pitchforks issued, the target has been sighted. I repeat, the target has been sighted.

I had a nice workman for the week all laid out in my head.

Went into work Monday morning, got one e-mail, and that was the end of the work plan.

The best laid mans of mice and men oft go awry.