Poll: Would you rather work Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs?

Would you rather work Tuesday-Saturday (Sundays and Mondays off) or Sunday-Thursday (Fridays and Saturdays off)?

For the past year, I have been working Sunday-Thursday; however, I recently changed my days off from Fridays and Saturdays to Sundays and Mondays. I enjoy working Tuesday-Saturday, especially considering the fact that it is football season.

Sunday - Thursday. All of the fun stuff happens on Friday and Saturday.

I voted Sunday through Thursday because if you’re in the US, you’d also get the Monday holidays (hopefully - depends on the job obviously. Plus if you want to take care of stuff on the weekends, businesses are more likely to be available on Saturday than they are on Sunday.

Tues-Sat. Mondays hurt.

Yes, I know that if I worked Tues-Sat then Tues would be my Monday, but I don’t care.

I worked Tues-Sat for over 3 years on my last job. Got used to it. Used to really enjoy having Mondays off and being able to take care of any business requiring office hours (bank, doctor, dentist, cable appointment, etc) that day without ever having to take a day off to do it.

Oh, and Monday Holidays were just extra pay. I was getting paid for a day I wouldn’t be working anyway. Nice little oomph in the hourly paycheck.

Over 6 months after I stopped doing that, my developmentally challenged 11 year old niece still couldn’t get it through her head that I was no longer available to do things with on Mondays during her summer vacation (we did some movies, shopping and lunches with grandma the previous summer).

A few years back, I worked Saturday to Wednesday, second shift. Yeah, didn’t really have a weekend that allowed me to do anything with friends or family (unless it was before early afternoon on Saturday), but I could also be out as late as I wanted on Friday, sleep in and still have exactly zero problems getting to work on Saturday.

The grass is always greener. I work Tues-Sat now and have for ~7 years. I’d like to do Sun-Thurs as a change.

Tues-Saturday. Having to go to work on Sunday morning would damage either my professional or my social life.

Neither. My current days off are Wednesday and Saturday. I like having my work week split into two parts - three days and two days - like that instead of having to work five days straight.

I went with Tues-Sat because Sunday-Monday appeals to me more as a “weekend”

I used to volunteer to work every weekend. I worked Fri-Tuesday with a twist–I worked days during the week and 4-12 Saturday/Sunday. I not only got Wed/Thursday as my mid-week “weekend”, but I didn’t have to come in until 4 on Sat/Sun. I got time and a half for the evening shift hours, too, which was pretty sweet.


Most people I know don’t do anything long on Friday night, so if I work Sat I can go straight to Saturday event, or leave a bit early and have a sat-evening +sunday weekend with someone, and then have a day of recovery on Monday.

If I had Fri-Sat off, I’d procrastinate all Friday while waiting for the fun stuff, and then get depressed on Sunday when I was back at work already. And I wouldn’t be able to stay up late Sat night – currently Sat after midnight is probably more relevant to me than Friday evening.

Although I’m making an effort to be a lot more organised, maybe I could make Friday my “do boring stuff” day and have fun on Sat, but even so, I think I prefer to wait for a better weekend than have an early weekend and squander it… :slight_smile:

I have to go Tues-Sat.

Fun stuff happens on Saturday but if I show up at the BBQ at 6:00 it’ll still be going on and folks will just be getting good and lubed up by that point.

Sunday is reserved for church, footbal, grilling and drinking (the order changes from week to week).

Tues- Sat…Sunday is football day!!!

I do Sunday-Thursday overnights. Gives me Friday daytime to take care of business and appointments, and Friday and Saturday evenings to maintain social ties, date, etc.

I work Sunday-Thursday; but then, everyone does here.

I work 9-1-1. Sun to Thurs would be fine but that would leave me out of all of the Friday and Saturday night “fun”.

Sunday through Thursday is easy. Two Middle East posts in a row, and I found it very comfortable. Sunday is a day to get a lot done without “input” from the US east coast and Friday off means you can’t get the lunchtime tasking to be completed by COB. (The jerks just can’t figure out time diffeneces.)
Besides, 5% Sunday pay differential.

I’ve done both. Sunday-Thurs was easier to fit in with “normal” peoples lives, particularly weekend trips.
X100 if you’re talking the evening shift.

I chose Tuesday - Saturday only because in my industry Monday is the usual day off. So most of my friends already have a similar schedule.

Another Tuesday - Saturday.
In my younger years, I would have wanted to go out partying with my friends on Friday and Saturdays - but now that I don’t do that, why fight the crowds shopping and going to DMV, etc. on days when most people have off?

Sunday and Monday off lets you go out Sunday night (less crowded and perhaps cheaper) and lets you do errands on Monday (once again, less crowded) and perhaps catch a cheaper Monday movie matinee at the local cineplex.

Sort of the same reasons I never travel or go anywhere on holiday weekends - just too crowded and overpriced. I would rather take a short vacation during the week of a non-holiday - cheaper, shorter lines, less traffic/cheaper flights.

I currently work Tues-Sat, and HATE it with a passion. So much fun stuff happens on Saturdays, and I miss out since I have to be at work. I’d love to have a Mon-Fri job again. (What am I saying, again? I’ve NEVER had a Mon-Fri job!)