What Dictator are You?


Apparently, I’m Tony Blair.

Me too. Boring.

I’m Mullah Omar. Goodie. :eek:


I think the test is broke, I got Tony Blair too.

I’m Saddam Hussein. COOL!!!


Joseph Stalin. I can deal with it.

milosevich … yuck

Althouhg I think some of their question choices dont have to do with anything

I’m Hussein too! Yippee…um, that felt better than it should have. :eek:

I’m Tony Blair.

I kinda like the sound of that.

I am Joseph Stalin. Just as I’d always suspected!


[sub]Chairman Mao[/sub]

Ironic, considering where I am…

[sub]Taiwan, that is. D’oh![/sub]

Must remember when I change my profile, and what I change it to…

Imposter! This obvious Capitalist plot will not be tolerated. Bring this one in for “questioning”.

I am Joseph Stalin, I tell you, I am… I used to be Napoleon, but I lost the hat.

I could see where one of them was going and purposefully answered to be George W. Bush.

Fidel Castro here. Cigars and rum, anyone?

You see, the thing is, I don’t need a quiz.


Stalin, checking in.

Die you infidel capitalist pig-dogs!

Ahh, I’m Joseph Stalin. As I always suspected.

Well, I thought I was the benevolent dictator of My Own Little World. Just ask my kids - they’ll tell you. Actually, they would probably leave off the benevolent part, but they would sure point out that it ain’t no democracy!

But, well, actually, as it turns out … I’m Tony Blair.

Bit of a yawn, really. sigh