What did I do to my monitor?

I know that there seems to be a rash of monitor/display questions lately - here’s another one.

Yesterday, I put more RAM in my computer and installed a new CD drive. Nothing I haven’t done before. When I powered back up, the display on my monitor was very much too yellow. It looks like you’re viewing it through yellow “glare-cutter” sunglasses.

I opened the case back up and tightened everything that I could find. I made sure that the connections were tight on the computer and on the monitor.

So - does anybody have any idea what it was that I did to my computer?

umm… you might have somehow changed the color temperature down to 6500k or so… see if you can find “temperature” in the monitor’s menu and change it to “cool” or “9500k”

if not, id pull the video card out and put it back in , then unplug the monitor cable and plug it back in to make sure everything is seated right.

if that doesnt fix it… try taking the ram out and seeing if that fixes it. it probably wont but stranger things have happened before :slight_smile:

There is a ‘temperature’ setting on my monitor - I will try that as soon as I get home from work.

fingers crossed

Wow! Neat trick.

The primary colors of a monitor are Red, Green, and Blue.
The other colors are made by adding those colors.
So you managed to ruin two colors at once.
So it is unlikely but not unheard of to be a sudden monitor circuit failure.

Did you unplug the ‘from computer to monitor cable’ when you worked on the computer? If so remove it and check the pins for loose, or pushed-in, or bent pins.

Is the connection tight? Both ends? Some monitors have connections at both ends.

Could you have accidently misadjusted external monitor controls whilst moving things around? Also check the back of the monitor for color adjustment twist knobs.

Did you move the monitor? Degaussing problems would not be screen wide but just in case hit the degauss button. If no degauss button cycle power to the monitor.

Worth a try.

While you’re in there carefully take the video card out and then reseat it. Some people would recommend cleaning the contacts with a pencil eraser. If you do be sure to brush away the excess rubber with a clean non-synthetic cloth.

Do you have another computer where you could swap monitors? Or do so with a friend’s to determine monitor vs computer problem.

I just had to replace a monitor cable on one of my machines because it appears that there is a break somewhere in the cable on the red channel, thus making everything turn a bit too blue/cyan. If you lost your blue channel, everything would look too yellow.

The annoying thing about it is that it would work fine for a while, but if the cable moved at all it would pop in and out.

Try flexing the cable around and seeing if it clears up, especially near the plugs.

You know, buckgully, you may have something there.

When I got home last night I tried something clever’s temprature advice (hoping that it was that simple…) with no luck. It was already set correctly, so the other settings made it more yellow still and even more yellow.

I wasn’t looking forward to moving everything around again, so I put it off until today. When I turned on the monitor this morning, it had fixed itself. I bet that I do have a failing cable.

Thank you!