what did i miss?

I took a brief leave of absence from the SDMB earlier this month, and now that I’m back I notice that many regulars are gone. Did something happen to drive people away?

And what happened to Melin, I’ve seen references to some conflict in other posts but I wasn’t here when “it” happened. Can anyone tell me?

Melin and another moderator had an online argument. Ed Zotti replaced Melin as moderator of the MPSIMS forum. Several threads and posts related to this issue were removed from the board. A number of people objected to what they felt were arbitrary decisions.

Thanks Mike. Yikes! I did a search and found some of the posts that weren’t cut, and I’m sorry to bring this up again. Nickrz, please excise at will.

There was an excellent question, posed by mr john, about the etymology of “street ell” Which NOBODY, not even Cecil, was able to answer. (ican’tletitgoican’tletitgoican’tletitgo)

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More recently, people have been dumping their emotions in the MPSIMS forum. There’s several threads on this stuff.
And, you have indeed noticed that the membership changes.There really aren’t 2000 active members. People like Quadell have left. And trivial stuff mow seems to qualify for great debates. And Zette was overjoyed at getting a question to Cecil.
That’s the news, Loco.

I’ve been out of the country for several years. I’ve never seen a Seinfield episode, or the Jerry Springer show. What else did I miss?

Several years Pooch? You’ve been gone for close to a decade if you’ve missed Seinfeld. That said, you’ve missed nothing important.

Just about 7-8 years, but I was working in Alaska before that, and a tube wasn’t available. I did catch OJ, The Gulf War, and Monica on CNN International, but somehow I don’t feel any wiser.

Although I’m not privy to the actual numbers, I’ve been told the number of registered members is but a fraction of the people reading this board.

For what it’s worth, I sometimes set my topic list to show 100 days ago, and I go back and wallow in many of my favorite threads posted by old regs who have slowly faded from the scene for whatever reason.

I believe 100 days is a very long time in any online community, and people’s tastes, opinions and interests can be expected to evolve IRL during that time. Some simply lose interest, I’m sure, some get their questions answered (and hopefully, some relief from ignorance) and have nothing further to say, and, sadly, some get ticked off and leave over real or imagined insults and slights. Our reasons for being here are many and varied, and our reasons for leaving are similarly numbered. Such is life.

We mods and admins of the SDMB struggle mightily every day to improve our skills and yes, moderate our own behaviour in an attempt to make the board a friendly, fun place for everyone to visit. However, we are human and we do make dreadful mistakes in the course of conducting the business of what is, essentially, an unelected government. But please rest assured these mistakes are not overlooked; they are examined and discussed and sometimes become the subject of furious internal debates. This may give the appearance we are ignoring our members’ opinions, but such is not the case. We have all beaten each other roundly about the head and shoulders with what we consider to be valid points raised by our readership - but inevitably some will be unhappy with our (sometimes bare majority) consensus decisions as to the fate of such suggestions.
(“Faceless” moderators being a case in point).

Anyway, I didn’t mean to turn this into a big hand-wringing soul-searching affair, but to offer my thoughts on the evolution of the board. I’m sorry to see readers leave for any reason, and when we have been directly or indirectly or just plain tangentially involved in such identifiable reasons for an exodus, no matter how small, you can be sure that situation does not pass unnoticed.

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Sunbear- Thanks for noticing my shamless self-promoting regarding my question…I hated to go on and on, but I guess I thought I could share my excitiment with the SDMB…turns out no one really cared much, so it must be a pretty common occurence. I personally was really excited.

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

Au contraire, Zette! Many of us are so damned envious we don’t even want to acknowledge it (our envy) publicly.
You can be sure we know you have attained what many of us consider to be the ultimate achievement - an hour of Cecil’s consciousness. Congrats.

Nick- I couldn’t decide if people were thinking “who cares! get over yourself!” or if they were not interested, or what. Thank you for turning green with envy!

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.