What did Madonna have that Cyndi Lauper didn't?

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What Madge had: A “normal” voice? I’m that age, I have crushed on both of them off and on for ages. But they are very different.

Actually, there was one thing that Cyndi Lauper had that Madonna didn’t: a sense of humor. Unfortunately, that ultimately backfired on her since her whole persona was based on not taking herself seriously and eventually, people didn’t and wrote her off as a shticky novelty performer from the 80s.

That is so not true!

Madonna was hotter, had more charisma (I think she really is one of the most charismatic female pop stars of the last 50 years), more range, an ability to change styles and an ear for sonmgs.

Cyndi Lauper had a narrow sort of novelty appeal, and limited herself with her voice as well. She wasn’t untalente, but she did not have Madonna’s range, charisma or ambition,

One would think that a self-proclaimed “fucking rock encyclopedia” would be aware of Cyndi’s work before “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. Listen to Blue Angel’s “I’m Gonna Be Strong” and tell me she has a limited voice or range.

Goddamn that woman can sing!

You are dead totally 100% wrong about Madonna having more vocal range than Cyndi Lauper. Wrong. Not right. Incorrect.

In fact, I’ll bet you a donut that in the 1980s, when they were both new-ish pop stars, Lauper had a greater vocal range than Madonna.

None of these woman inspired the feminist debates about a woman performer selling her sexuality like Madonna did. Madonna’s approach was more blatant.

Madonna’s voice was created in a studio. Cyndi Lauper had a song covered by Miles Davis. Most popular isn’t better.

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Thanks for posting that. I always knew Lauper had chops, but really I had no idea…

Indeed. Madonna’s talents like in her relentless self-promotion and reinvention. Her vocal range and quality within that ranges is not exceptional, nor are the lyrics she is credited as songwriter on particularly outstanding, although she does seem to have a prenatural talent at knowing which way the entertainment market will turn and what stars to join with. Lauper is clearly the better vocal and songwriting talent, and also frankly more interesting. Frankly, I don’t think that Cyndi Lauper ever cared too much for celebrity and commercial success, as evidenced by her post-'Eightes career which has been pretty consistently critically successful but commercially indifferent. I don’t care for all of her oeuvre, but have to recognize that she’s taken more risks and been pretty careless about following commercial trends; more Neko Case than Brittney Spears.


You forgot Dolly Parton and Bobbie Gentry. That’s okay, people forget them a lot.

Also, Tina Turner.

In response to the OP: As much as I adore Cyndi Lauper, I have never once undressed her with my eyes. Madonna is a whole 'nother story.

Cyndi is a better actress, though. Vibes is underrated.

And Carly Simon.

Regarding Madonna, quite true. In fact, you didn’t have to bother undressing her with your eyes because she saved you the mental work.

As for Lauper, she actually was attractive if you saw her without her goofy hair, clothes, and make-up but that wasn’t part of her public persona so you rarely did.

There are very few actresses worse than Madonna, and Vibes is properly rated.

Here’s a bit of trivia. Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly wrote both “Like a Virgin” and “True Colors.”

In answer to the OP, Madonna had a relentless drive to be famous and had a knack for enlisting hot producers and writers who could create the hit songs she needed. She was also very skilled at creating controversy and media interest.

Come on, I know I’m not the oldest person on the Dope:
Eartha Kitt

Another bit: ‘Open Your Heart’ was originally written for Cyndi as a pop-rock song but apparently she never heard the demo and it eventually went to Madonna, who changed the style of the song and some of the lyrics. On the ten-minute-plus 12" mix of the single, Madonna does some spoken word bits that sound very Cyndi-esque, right down to the Noo Yawk accent she puts on.

It’s odd that everyone is talking about Cyndi Lauper in the past tense. Only a few weeks ago she received her 14th Grammy nomination for an album that topped the Billboard blues chart for 14 weeks.