What did Skribbler do to get branded?

And how can I get one too?

In this thread, Skribbler has under his or possibly her name the following:

I just can’t learn

It doesn’t appear to be any kind of serious nuisance issue, since s/he still seems to be posting right up until today. I’m wondering if it’s the SDMB’s virtual dunce cap or what? Can I get “Earl of Pumpernickel” under my name?

Skribbler was one of the screen names of Mark Serlin; he was banned (again) on 10/18, and there are no posts of his (under the name Skribbler) more recent than that.

We don’t give out special titles because it’s way too much work and, like a Wally sig, everyone will want one. Occasionally, though, we like to give a special notice for those who constantly break the rules- Serlin, concrete, the Alex Chiu spammers, etc., so that people know not to take them seriously right off the bat, and so that (hopefully) we don’t have to go through five threads of “Why was so-and-so banned?”

This isn’t a bad idea–brand 'em. A little red-hot iron applied to their asses might get the idea to sink in.

Damn straight. I’ve been petitioning Tubadiva to change my status from “Member” to “Emperor Pimp-Daddy”.

BELIEVE me, if I COULD do it (real life branding), I would. And yes, John is correct. Only administrators can change titles, and we generally don’t bother to give out “special” titles unless it’s a repeat offender. I generally only do it if I really want to make a point and I think that I can make the regular posters laugh. For instance, I was the one who changed 2Sexy4mycomputer’s title to Too Stupid To Live. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of it.

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