What Did T. J. Hooker's Initials Stand For?

My dumbest question ever.

On the same SNL show in '86 when Shatner did the famous “Get A Life” Trekkie skit, he also did a T. J. Hooker skit revolving around the fact that Hooker was always jumping onto the hoods of cars and holding on while the villains did u-turns, etc. to throw him off. In the skit, he rode on the hood of the car forever, going through sunny weather, rain, snow, day and night, etc. He even pulled out a notebook and wrote his parents a letter, and Shatner did a (pre-taped) voice-over as he wrote. He “signed” it: “Your loving son, Toby.”

So was his first name on the show “Toby”?

Thanks for not laughing too hard, and for not telling me to get a life. I know that, already.

Sir Rhosis

According to tvtome.com, T. J. stands for Thomas Jefferson.

But it would have been so cool if it had been Tiberius James.

Tomato Juice.

They used to call him “The Juice”… :smiley:

Dang, you beat me to it.

Slight hijack for a trivia note: the jazz group T.J. Kirk was named as a combination of T.J. Hooker and J.T. Kirk…the band basically played nothing but covers by Thelonious Monk, James Brown and Roland Kirk.

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Me also! :smack:

Tragic Joke…

Toupeed Jackass?

In a slight hijack, what do you think of the news that Shatner is getting a new series?

Damn… how many of us were going to say that??

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Quite a few. :o

Tons and hundreds I’d expect. More than twelve. :smiley:


Terribly Jaded.