What did we eat? (French translation)

We were in St Martin last month. Shopping for groceries, my gf suggested we get “mystery food”, eat it, and try to figure out what it was. So I found a little glass jar of brown stuff with no English on the label. We tried it and it was good! Tasted like liver. We had it on crackers, with cheese.

So…what was it? Here is the label ingredients:

terrine de chevreuil
viande de porc, viende de chevril, foie de dinde, gras de porc, couenne de porc, farine et amidon de bie, assaisonnement, armagnac.

I think porc is pork (duh) and chevril is goat?

Merci beaucoup!

Sounds like a venison and pork pâté.

Chevreuil is venison, you’re right about the translation of porc, viande means meat, gras is fat, Armagnac is a brandy.

My old French lessons failed me there, so looking around:

  • foie de dinde = turkey liver
  • couenne de porc = pork rind?
  • farine et amidon de bie = This took me a bit - “bie” is “blé”; it’s cornstarch and cornflour, might just be what we call cornstarch. Thickener.
  • assaisonnement = seasoning

Checking around the net, I see a number of recipes for this, so it seems to be at least somewhat well-known.

viande de porc - pork (meat)
viende de chevril is a bit odd — viande de cheval is horsemeat, viande de chevreuil is deer (venison), and *chevril * is chervil (an herb). Sure about the spelling?
foie de dinde - turkey liver
*couenne de porc *- bacon rind
farine et amidone de bie - probably de blé, actually wheat flour
assaisonnement - seasoning
armagnac - a type of brandy

D’oh, I do believe you’re right. I went with the American meaning of corn, which is maize.

That sounds yummy. I want some.

We went through several cases of Carib (a beer) and many, many bottles of wine. Add to that my job of cooking breakfast (wake and bake anyone?). It was amazing I thought to open my laptop and type up the label!:smiley:

Thanks all!

I tried to find something similar in my local grocery store. No go. :frowning:

This is a chevreuil: Roe deer - Wikipedia

Cool! I figured out why I thought it was goat. I see chèvre on packages of goat cheese.

And I’m happy that the mystery food was a positive experience :slight_smile:

I’m French and do the same thing with food from an Asian supermarket. I have in my cupboards various odd foods I’ll never eat again.